Article provided by Jennifer Koch, Talent Acquisition Executive, Kwalee and Ambassador for Women in Games.

Team holding hands, diversityHistorically the video games industry, like others in the tech world have been predominantly male-led, however thankfully this is beginning to change and organistions such as Women in Games are making strides to achieve a much more diverse working world.

Kwalee is actually my first role in the games industry, and is one of the companies championing for a more diverse future. During my time here, and especially being so close to the hiring in the talent acquisition team, it couldn’t be clearer that diversity isn’t just a ‘number’ that companies need to get to, or a box to tick, but something that will bring about a whole host of benefits throughout an entire organistion. In short, being a diverse company is good for people and it’s good for business. Here’s just a few of the benefits of being a diverse company:

Diverse Thinking Equals Better Business Decisions

At Kwalee, we come up with ideas for games as a whole company, during our weekly ‘Creative Wednesdays’ sessions, where any employee can pitch an idea for a game. As we have a diverse range of backgrounds in the company, (in terms of gender but also in terms of cultures, with employees coming from all over the world), this means that we can develop more diverse games and inspire more creative, well rounded thinking throughout the business.

Of course not every company comes up with game ideas together, but this diverse thinking can be applied to any business decision. Simply by having a more diverse set of staff in any meeting, the outcome and actions are going to be much more considered, as there’s going to be different perspectives at the table. It’s something we see and encourage every day at Kwalee!

A Better and More Inviting Working Environment

Without a diverse workplace, how is someone from a different background going to feel when visiting for an interview if they’re under-represented. Employers could find themselves in a position where they want to offer a role to someone, but the individual ends up turning the job down, due to not wanting to work in a place where they feel they wouldn’t be working alongside like minded people.

For the employees that are working for you, they will also be working in a much better environment. Diversity helps to keep companies and their staff open minded, and to take into account different perspectives. This also helps from a social standpoint too. Instead of social outings only being catered to a particular type of person, there’s opportunity for variety and for people to try new things and experiences and broaden their horizons. At Kwalee we have groups that go climbing together, play board games, host movie nights and of course play video games. It helps to keep things fresh!

Avoid Becoming Antiquated

Having different perspectives on things through a diverse workforce, challenges the business leaders to keep pushing forward and working with staff to make things better and better. I would worry that in a company without diversity, things could stagnate and become antiquated. With a diverse set of backgrounds, the business needs to make sure its catering to the needs of its employees to retain them. Things like flexi-time, offering work from home, not having a rigid dress code and more are all part and parcel of being a more diverse company, and these are all things that have been shown to boost productivity and company output. Businesses that aren’t doing this are getting left behind.

Greater Learning and Development

Finally – and this one almost goes without saying – how are you going to learn from a group of people that are just like you, have had the same experiences as you, and for the most part, think like you? Diversity is a major tool for continuous learning across the workforce, and with that, brings about a group of employees that are driving themselves and the business forward. Like I said, diversity isn’t just a box to tick, but a way to greater workplace happiness and success!

About the authorJennifer Koch

Jennifer is a Talent Acquisition Executive at Kwalee and has been working in the games industry for just over one year. In that time, she has become a Women in Games ambassador and is a major part of the great diversity seen at Kwalee. As a part of a fully female talent acquisition team, she is focused on continuing to champion a more diverse culture not only at Kwalee, but in the tech industry as a whole.