Women Tech Council

For the past 12 years, Women Tech Council has worked to accelerate the growth of the technology community by increasing the number of women in tech.

By building impactful programs that propel the economic pipeline from high school to the boardroom, we are helping drive success for the entire technology sector.

As this report shows, having women in technology has direct economic impacts. Companies with women on teams and in leadership positions alongside their male counterparts see higher productivity and profitability, including revenue and profit, and increased overall collective intelligence. But attracting and retaining talented, qualified women requires more than broader recruiting efforts or competitive pay.

This research was commissioned to specifically identify the areas that are making real impact in creating and accelerating diverse and inclusive workforces for women in technology companies with the goal of enabling all organizations to adopt and implement these behaviors.

We invite all members of the technology community to work to implement the impactful, collective approach identified in this report, and join us in our mission of driving growth for the entire technology sector through high-performance, inclusive environments.