Smiling woman wearing headset during virtual video interview

Article by Holly Davis, Talent Manager at Wise

Holly DavisHolly began working for self-employment tech specialist, Wise, as a Talent Manager last year. With a flair for spotting the tech industry’s best talent, as well as a drive to encourage more women into the sector, Holly shares how to nail your next interview.

I’ve worked in people and talent for over eight years, and in this time I’ve been lucky enough to interview some outstanding candidates (who went on to become employees). They all had one thing in common: they came prepared.

One of the best ways to stand out is to make it clear you’ve put time and effort into preparing for the interview – and that you’re passionate about the role you’re applying for. Make sure you know the company inside out, as well as the role you’ve applied for and the requirements and responsibilities of that role.

It’s a good idea to think about the kinds of questions we, as interviewers, might ask you. Common questions include why you’re excited about working for us, what you think you can bring to the role and what you’re looking for in this next stage of your career. These questions all help us understand your motivations for applying and your expectations.

As well as the more practical questions ensuring you tick all the boxes in terms of experience, we’re also interested in learning more about you as a person. Here at Wise, we’re strong believers in creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcome, comfortable and able to be creative in a supportive environment – so it’s important that anyone who joins us is aligned with our values too.

Be prepared for there to be some questions which aren’t purely work-focused, as interviewers are likely to want to get to know you on a more personal level too – come ready with examples of how you’ve supported a fellow colleague, or with ideas on how to make the tech industry a more diverse space, for example.

It’s important to remember that interviews aren’t all about us asking the candidate questions – while this is a key part, it’s always a good sign when a candidate comes with questions of their own too.

Asking insightful questions about the company, their mission and products, and what they’re working on currently proves that you’ve taken an active interest and spent time considering the company and the role, beyond surface-level research.

Asking relevant and insightful questions is one way to make yourself stand out, but there are many more ways you can make yourself stand out as a top candidate in a sea of applications.

Make sure you’ve re-read the job description and requirements before you turn up to your interview, so you’re armed with lots of examples of times you’ve demonstrated the skills we’re asking for. We want to know how you’ve come to have the experience and knowledge you possess, not just that you have it.

I’m a strong believer that there is no right or wrong thing to say in an interview as long as you remain authentic and share your passion for the role. Above all else, we’re looking at your skills and your cultural fit – they’re the important bits.