Article by Delia Pedersoli, Chief Operating Officer at MultiPay Global Solutions

FintechThe fintech industry is one of the most exciting and fulfilling sectors to work in. Each day you get to meet and work with so many great and inspiring people, while at the same time developing products and solutions that have a real-world, positive impact on people’s lives.

You can see this in so many of the businesses that have emerged over the last few years. For instance, we have seen new and exciting enterprises launch that have changed the game when it comes to small business (SMEs) funding. Now, instead of going through a bank to gain access to funding, SMEs can turn to innovative companies such as Iwoca and Funding Circle for quicker and easier access to financing. In the consumer space, we have seen similar developments too with challenger banks such as Starling and Monzo delivering exceptional customer and in app experiences too. This has now forced every other bank to up its game accordingly with the ultimate winners being customers.

However, fintech businesses like these are not built overnight and without overcoming challenges. Having worked in the fintech industry for the past 20 years I would advise anyone starting out to think about the following three areas:

  • Be confident: It is hard starting in anything, let alone an industry like fintech. Nevertheless, you need to have a strong belief in yourself and what you are doing if you are to stick it out. You will be met by challenges regularly that need to be overcome, and you have to be ready for them. For example, when I started in fintech I was surprised – and still am – about how much complexity there is. What should be simple and straightforward never is. Thanks to legacy technologies, regulations, and legislation, you need to be prepared to push on and not get disheartened when there are bumps in the road. Having confidence in yourself and what you are aiming to do is the fuel that powers you through and solves these obstacles.
  • Get ahead of customers: Everyone talks about putting customers first but few deliver. To provide a great customer experience you must be proactive and get ahead of the customer. Knowing what they want or need before they do themselves allows you to deliver projects that exceed expectations. To do this you have to get to know customers and their businesses on a deeper and more personal level. This is something we instilled in our team at MultiPay as we want to ensure we always deliver a first-class customer experience.
  • Enjoy it: Enjoyment is often overlooked but is the key to success. Fintech is my passion and I enjoy every day that I work in it. In fact, if I could turn the clock back, I would start working in fintech even sooner, it has been such a great journey.

Delia PedersoliAbout the author

Delia is an enthusiastic and outstanding entrepreneur, who has been involved in a number of successful Fintech start-ups in the Card Payments industry.

Delia started her career in the IT sector having completed her MBA at Henley Management College and worked for blue– chip companies including IBM, Xerox and Canon.

In 2006, Delia joined Barclaycard where she successfully implemented the acquiring division in her native country of Italy.

She was Co-Founder of EPS, the first company in the world to be P2PE certified and in 2013 she founded International Payments Services where she built a Fintech payments technology infrastructure, partnering with some major brands.  International Payment Services was acquired in 2017 by an international payments processor and card issuer.

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