If you’re looking to advance your career, chances are you are constantly searching for new ways to improve your skills, your knowledge, your connections. But what about the way you think?

In the new book Leading with the Right Brain, Executive Coach Yda Bouvier makes the case for an underutilised superpower, our ‘personal genie in the bottle’, as she puts it, that leaders and employees alike can harness – and that is right-brain thinking.

Leaders and employees alike, particularly in the tech industry, are especially capable ‘left brain’ thinkers, benefiting from strong strategic and analytical traits that has served them well in their careers. But this book draws on topical, complex challenges facing today’s workplace – like the evolution of AI, remote working and the drive for fairer, more inclusive cultures – that necessitate a different way of thinking using the right brain to stay ahead and stay connected.

Packed with research-backed case studies, techniques and tools, Bouvier breaks down the neuroscience behind how the left and right brain work. She distills 25 years’ experience working with leaders and senior executives from professional and financial services firms, leading industrial and technology companies and fast-growing start-ups into this blueprint for tapping into the power of the right brain.

If you get hung up on details and want to improve your problem-solving skills, your right brain can help you to see the whole picture and bring fresh insights, ideas and perspectives. If you feel disconnected from your boss, colleagues, your team or even your loved ones, right-brain thinking can help you to gain a better understanding of the emotions of others and nurture deeper, more empathetic relationships.

Leading with the Right Brain is an invaluable, eye-opening resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the way we think, providing the practical steps to transform the way we think for professional and personal development.

Leading with the Right Brain by Yda Bouvier is available in paperback, priced at £14.99.

About the author

Yda Bouvier is an executive coach, physicist and sailor. She has a natural ability to blend business understanding with personal insight and critical thinking. Her passion is to bring the wisdom of the right brain into organisations. Yda works with executives globally on strengthening their leadership by practising and trusting right-brain qualities.

Earlier in her career, Yda spent over ten years with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Her experience includes international corporate strategy and post-merger integration projects across industries. Yda holds an MBA from MIT Sloan and an MSc in Applied Physics from Delft University. She is a PCC certified coach and teaches “What coaches need to know about the brain” at the BA International Coaching Academy.  Her sources of energy are family time and sailing, ideally a combination of the two, enjoying the unexpectedness of wind and water.