The Shuri Network

The Shuri Network is the first NHS network to focus on the support and furtherance of BAME women in health and care tech.

Launched in 2019, we champion diversity, innovation and safety and support BAME women to gain the skills and confidence to progress into digital leadership positions. We are named after Shuri, the Black Panther character who is responsible for her country’s success.

The Network was founded by two former NHS Chief Clinical Information Officers, Dr Shera Chok, a GP and Sarah Amani, a nurse. There are fewer than 10 BAME women in senior digital roles in the NHS and no initiatives existed to increase this number, so we took action to change this and make the NHS a more inclusive place to work.

The pandemic has highlighted how important technology is in helping us care for patients, connect patients, families and clinicians and deliver safe services. Having greater diversity in our senior digital leadership will help improve the use of technology and data across health and care.