As we enter 2024, the world stands at a precipice, poised on the brink of extraordinary change.

A group of visionary minds, known as futurists, stand at the forefront, peering into the mists of the future and shaping the trends that will define the coming year. Their diverse perspectives, encompassing fields like technology, economics, and the human experience, offer a multifaceted lens through which we can glimpse the possibilities and challenges that await us.

From the pioneers of artificial intelligence, whose work promises to revolutionise not only industries but the very fabric of our lives, to the economic oracles who dissect global trends and predict the ebb and flow of financial markets, these individuals illuminate the intricate tapestry of the future. Their voices echo the potential for exponential progress, from the boundless energy resources envisioned by environmental futurists to the mind-bending possibilities of human augmentation explored by transhumanist thinkers.

However, the future is not without its shadows. Some futurists cast a wary eye on the rapid rise of automation, questioning its impact on jobs and the very definition of work. Others warn of the potential pitfalls of artificial intelligence, urging us to tread cautiously in the face of this powerful technology. Yet, even amidst these concerns, a spirit of optimism prevails. Futurists like the techno-optimists paint a picture of a future brimming with opportunities, where innovation unlocks the shackles of scarcity and ushers in a new era of prosperity and abundance.

As we approach the threshold of 2024, Jack Hayes, Managing Director of the Champions Speakers agency says ‘Futurists are not fortune tellers; they are architects of possibility. In 2024, their insights are more crucial than ever. As we navigate the uncharted waters of technological disruption, economic shifts, and social change, their vision illuminates the path toward a brighter future.’

This is developed with the research carried out by Champions Speakers Agency with Jonathan Brill – Global futurist & research director for HP – who is leading the charge.

The findings were based on data linked to 2023 bookings and feedback from events that took place across 30 countries in 2023. Other futurists in the top 20 compiled were Google’s chief futurist, Ray Kurzweil, Founder and CEO of the Future Today Institute Amy Webb and London’s Business School’s Richard Watson.

Alice Charles

Former lead of Smart Cities, Infrastructure & Urban services for the World Economic Forum, former parliamentary assistant in the House of Oireachtas & former EU Presidency Environmental Officer. External Board Member of the Planning Advisory Committee of the National Asset Management Agency. Director of Arup.

Amy Webb

Founder & CEO of the Future Today Institute, Professor of strategic foresight at NYU & stewards board member for the World Economic Forum.

Jonathan Brill

Former Global head futurist and research director for HP. Forbes Ranked No.1 Futurist. Senior Fellow at Harvard Business Review. Research consultant to the MIT Media Lab & Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Gerd Leonhard

CEO of the Futures Agency and named top 10 futurist in the world. Wired Magazine’s top 100 tech influencers in Europe. Author of best-selling book The Future of Music.

Ray Kurzweil

Chief futurist for Google, inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, awarded the national medal of technology & innovation, recipient of the Lemelson-Mit prize.

John Vary

John Lewis’ in-house futurists responsible for the 2030 vision.

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