Who We Are

The Women CyberSecurity Society Inc. (WCSS) is a networked community focused on providing support, resources, mentorship, guidance and training throughout the lifecycle of a career for women and girls interested in cybersecurity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and support this community by providing tools and resources necessary to remove roadblocks and obstacles along their journey in cybersecurity. Provisions such as this will empower women and girls to become the strong, confident leaders of tomorrow’s cybersecurity world.

What We Offer

We offer memberships which include access to local and online events. Workshops, student programming and information sessions are available to the public and educational institutions upon request. Corporate training programs focus on inclusion, diversity and sensitivity courses to improve company culture. Partnering with individuals and organizations who share our vision and mission is critically important to us. It builds and maintains the community and fosters awareness which in turn provides support to the ecosystem and its members.