Tina Valand

Tina is an experienced strategic alliances and technology consultant who has been driving industry changes and collaboration between partner ecosystems.

With 16 years of experience driving large scale digital transformation in financial services, healthcare and government projects, Tina currently manages relationships for PwC with Strategic Alliances working across multiple service lines. She is experienced in leading disruptive technology initiatives including cyber security, AI, block chain and cloud transformation and has a proven track record with designing and implementation of governance and best practices methodologies. She operates across multiple territories where she is responsible for flagship EMEA sales and marketing events. Tina led the iconic engagement roadshows and events and has managed digital campaign

Previously a consultant with Accenture, Tina project managed complex large scale strategy led technology and infrastructure transformations. Tina has won the PwC awards for “winning team”, and was a nominee for the PwC consulting Awards 2019 for “Being agile & flexible”. She was also a nominee for the Win Tech Series awards 2019 under the category “Leader of the Year”.

While her role in coaching start-ups, C-Suite tech partners, D&I focus groups and Women-in-Tech initiatives gives her opportunity to change industry, Tina is an active force in school workshops and with maternity returners, demonstrating her passion for the workforce of the future. Tina firmly believes that technology has a crucial role in climate and sustainability, diversity and inclusion and always strives to make a difference.