By Ivana Zec

Women are less favoured in tech, which is a faded truth that you should not depend on for your career advancement. Instead, make the top list regarding your achievements and value to the team.

Let’s explore some tested strategies successful female developers adopted to increase their salaries and advance their careers significantly.

Bold Women, Robust Future

A bold woman achieves twice as much as her male counterpart in tech, but the logic around this varies. We are not concerned about that logic; we are only fixed on the desired outcome. The Women in Web Development study highlighted the limited visibility of female tech leaders and the succeeding dominance of men in the industry. There remains a massive opportunity for women; only bold women would achieve a robust future in tech. Women in tech need to adopt a strategy that would position them at the forefront of technological advancement and increase women’s participation in tech to more than one in every ten developers in the world. The break down shown in the figure below depicts that there are 90% of men in tech compared to the 7% of women winning and making waves.

However, considering one of the causative elements, the imbalance in leadership plays a predominant role in the current systemic issue that impedes the professional growth of female developers.

While the challenges persist, bold moves will empower women in tech by engaging invaluable tips that would help advance their careers, negotiate better salaries, and propel them to new heights within the industry. Whether you are a seasoned female developer or a budding talent, these insights will foster success, inspire confidence, and promote a more inclusive future for women in the tech world.

Salary Advancement

Tech Insights just dug up something interesting. It turns out that women in the tech industry usually aim for a 5% salary bump when they’re aiming for new opportunities, while their male counterparts shoot for a 7% raise.

It’s all about being knowledgeable and bold. If you’re a female developer wondering about this, Forbes has this excellent study on the myths around the gender pay gap, and Syndio did this deep dive into why there’s a wage gap.

Now, this is critical if you want a salary increase as a female developer. The key to nailing that salary increase is to change how you see your worth and the value you bring to the company. Throw away those limiting beliefs that make you appear timid. As a female developer, your negotiations are about more than just you – they’re paving the way for others, too. So be bold, get the right mindset, and you’re all set for successful salary talks and career advancement.

Summarised tips for female developers to advance their salary 

  • Thoroughly research industry standards and market salaries to strengthen your negotiating stance.
  • Highlight your achievements and unique skills in salary discussions to demonstrate your value to the team.
  • Cultivate a robust professional network through industry events, conferences and workshops to gain insights into salary trends and career opportunities.
  • Engage in communities like Hackathons and Technical Meetups to expand contacts and enhance job prospects.
  • Establish mentorship relationships with experienced professionals, for valuable insights on salary negotiation and career advancement.
  • Diversify your skillset by learning multiple technologies, not just mastering one.

Stay current with the latest technologies and industry trends to enhance your skills and justify salary advancements.

Career Advancement

Successful female developers supercharge their careers by having a killer combo of soft skills, and not just about coding skills – you need a killer combo of soft skills to rock the world of software development management. So, what are these magical soft skills? Communication, Empathy/Emotional Intelligence, Self-Awareness, Patience, Open-Mindedness, Problem-Solving/Critical Thinking, Time Management, Collaboration/Teamwork, Accountability, and Adaptability will amplify your tech skills and knowledge. Master these, and you’re on your way to career greatness! Personal Branding is also another secret weapon for your career advancement. It’s like creating your superhero identity in the professional world. This not only makes your impact visible but also shapes how people see you, increasing your worth and value, eventually. Spend some time and create inspiration around your brand, connect with professionals in the field and showcase your abilities.

Tips for Advancing Your Career through Personal Branding

  • Define Your Niche and Target Audience: Identify your specialization and the audience you want to reach
  • Create a Portfolio Website: Develop a professional website showcasing your work, projects, and achievements to provide a comprehensive overview of your skills.
  • Start a Blog or Podcast: Share your expertise and insights through a blog or podcast.
  • Contribute to Open Source Projects: Engage in collaborative open source projects to demonstrate your skills, contribute to the community, and enhance your professional profile.
  • Build a Social Media Presence: Establish a strong presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, or Stack Overflow to connect with peers, potential clients, and employers, showcasing your portfolio and contributions.
  • Accelerate your career growth by participating in or forming developer communities, fostering connections and learning opportunities.

Remember, the distinction between a good job and a great one lies in applying these tips, potentially advancing your salary and career to new heights and opening new doors to greatness. Aside from all the tips shared, boldness is essential to crown your efforts. It is the spice that attracts salary increases and career advancement to you. Try out these tips and observe the positive changes.

About the author

Ivana Zec is the owner of Visibilio, a digital marketing agency. With over 8 years of dedicated content marketing and PR experience, she has established herself as a seasoned professional in the digital landscape. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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