Boutique Search Agency, The Audit Lab, is a fountain of digital knowledge, with so many strong women making up their team, they want nothing more than to see other digital women succeed, below is advice for women in the digital marketing industry by women who have done it themselves.

Claire CromptonDeveloping a Digital Business Whilst Pregnant

Claire Crompton, Director at The Audit Lab starts of with her tips for business development and the challenges she faced,

Being a business development manager, one of the biggest challenges I didn’t predict was people don’t always want to speak to ‘the pregnant lady’ at networking events. I find the events I attend are male dominated and for whatever reason struggled to draw meaningful conversation from individuals, something I have never struggled with pre ‘bump’. This change has meant I had to work twice as hard to drive leads into a newly built business so that there was enough business and contracts secured to survive my ‘short lived’ maternity leave.

My advice for pregnant ladies looking to attend networking events is don’t be down heartened that business leads may not be coming in as much, to help with this try and attend a lot of more networking events before you start ‘showing’ in order to counterbalance the lack of lead generation. This change in workload is a must in order to continue to grow and solidify the business to cope with maternity leave and lack of business development whilst your off.”

Ellie EntwistleBeing a Young Digital Marketer

Ellie Entwistle Digital PR Manager at The Audit Lab knows all too well the problems that come with being the youngest in the office, she says:

“Starting my career in PR at 16 was not easy, I originally thought how exciting will it be to work with adults as an adult day-to-day, but the first year I had to not only learn the job role but also learn how to interact with people in an office, when to speak up and when to take a step back, how raise concerns and who to seek advice and help from.

As a young person I was easily overlooked when it came to opportunities, but by my second year I’d found my voice, my advice for other young people would be to learn from the mistakes that everyone around you are making, so that when it’s your turn to be a fully fledged employee you do it right. Secondly, don’t rush to run up the career ladder, the more experience the better, and that goes for any part of marketing, the more you can learn at the start of your career the better you’ll be later. Finally, stand-up for yourself, if you have an idea or a solution to a problem let it be heard, you’ll notice your other colleagues won’t hold back in this department and neither should you, if the idea doesn’t pan out at least you tried something and you’ll notice the more suggestions you put forward the more you’ll be included in the conversation.”

Chloe CromptonBreaking into Digital Marketing from Other Careers

Chloe Crompton Senior PPC Executive at The Audit Lab, covers breaking into digital from other careers for the first time.

“Starting a brand new career myself as an apprentice at the age of 24, I know the challenges you’ll face but my best advice would be don’t be put off by lower starting salaries and job roles, within my first year in PPC  I’d learned more than any other job I’d had previously. The best tricks I learnt on staying positive during this transition were:

  • Make sure you have an eagerness to learn, this will stand you in good stead and keep you positive during the apprenticeship,
  • Stay up to date with industry news and changes to be ahead of your already trained colleagues,
  • Create your own personal progression plan with your own career goals so that you have something you strive for,
  • Learning terminology (BAU, ROI .etc) can make sure you don’t end up sat in meeting not knowing what’s going on,
  • Finally, don’t give up hope or feel negative if you don’t know what your doing, everyone will experience this, just ASK!