Toni Scullion

I have been a Computing Science teacher for 8 years and have seen first hand the lack of diversity coming through the ranks from Secondary school and going to university and also been one of the few females at university studying Computing Science.

Since going into teaching and examining the figures for my school and Nationally I have made it my absolute mission to encourage as many girls I can into Computing Science and show them the incredible world of possibilities that are available to them through Computing Science and the world of tech. I try to do this every day in my classroom and pleased to say our figures really illustrate a trend that unfortunately is not replicated across the country. My incredible department’s work was featured in Education Scotland’s Digilearn Practice Pipeline for good practice in 2016.

This video was two years into my dressCode journey where I was just running it as a club and was excited of opening it up to West Lothian and making it council wide initiative. Since then meeting some truly influential and inspiring people they have made me adjust my aspirations and expand dressCode further to reach as many girls as possible as the gender gap is a global issue. I have since founded dressCode as a non-profit charity, that aspires to make a dent in the Computing Science gender gap, with the aim of engaging and inspiring young girls and raising their awareness of opportunities in the world of tech. This charity focuses directly at grass roots level and is open to any facility; school, after school clubs, libraries etc that can run a dressCode for girls aged 11 – 13, I’m pushing for this to be taking up world wide by any english speaking country, only because my videos are English.