I am a Computing Science teacher and I am currently co-lead of the new Scottish government funded organisation STACS, Scottish Teachers Advancing Computing Science. I am extremely passionate about teaching Computing Science, and getting more pupils into the subject, particularly more girls. I am also the founder of the multi-award winning charity dressCode and Turing’s Testers. The aim of dressCode is to help close the gender gap in Computing Science and to help increase the uptake of Computing Science at school level. I am also the co-founder of the Ada Scot festival.

dressCode have also launched Computing Science Scotland and working with a team of leading Computing Science teachers in Scotland. Computing Science Scotland is a national initiative with the aim to help support, encouraging and championing Computing Science teachers.

The work I have done to raise the profile and to support Computing Science as a subject at schools, help inspire the next generation, and work to help close the gender gap has been recognised by a number of awards and recognition. Most notably I received an honorary doctorate degree from RGU for dedication to computing science education, advancing the subject across the country and furthering women in technology.