In the tech world, where innovation rules, the paychecks can be seriously impressive, especially at the top. For women in tech making it to these top spots, it’s a big win not just for the bank account but for representation in a field that’s been mostly guys.

At the top, CEOs and leading execs are where it’s at. These women run the show at major tech companies, and their pay reflects their top-dog status. We’re looking at millions in salary, bonuses, and stock options. Picture the likes of Meg Whitman of HP and eBay fame, and Ginni Rometty from IBM. Their pay packages can soar to £15 million or more, depending on how the company’s doing and how long they’ve been at the helm.

Just a step down are the senior vice presidents and vice presidents at big tech firms. These roles are crucial, managing big parts of the company or key business areas. Pay can swing a lot but often lands between £150,000 and £375,000, not counting bonuses and stocks, which can seriously bump up what they take home.

Then you’ve got the top engineers and product managers, especially those with rare skills in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and blockchain. These folks are super in demand, and companies are willing to pay big to get them. We’re talking salaries from £112,000 to £225,000, with the chance for big bonuses and equity too.

In the startup scene, equity is a big part of what you get paid. For women who get in early or start their own tech companies, the salary might not be huge to start with. But, if the startup takes off or hits the stock market, the payout can be massive. Look at Diane Greene of Google or Julia Hartz from Eventbrite. Their starting salaries might have been modest, but the value of their shares at IPO made them millionaires.

There’s also a rise in roles centred on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in tech companies. These positions are key to making sure the workplace is diverse and welcoming. While DEI roles might not snag the top salaries in tech, they’re super important and respected, with salaries usually between £75,000 and £150,000.

To wrap it up, even though the tech industry is still figuring out gender equality, the opportunity for women to earn big is there, especially in leadership, engineering, and specialist roles. As the industry keeps evolving, here’s hoping we see more women climbing to the top, breaking through barriers, and earning what they’re truly worth.

It’s not just about the salary, it’s about setting the stage and opening paths for the next waves of women in tech.

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