Twinkle Singh

I’ve gone from strength to strength, representing a growing number of women in the technology industry, I don’t hesitate to take the harder path to success.

I’ve 10+ years of experience driving large scale cloud transformation in Public, Private and financial sectors, currently managing relationships for Deloitte with Cloud Infrastructure & Engineering Alliances working across multiple service lines. Leading the technical delivery aspects of a broad portfolio of cloud capabilities, which span numerous industries. I have more delivery “war stories” to draw on from being credible as a program delivery lead comes from years. I have established myself as a Thought-Leader in both emerging technology and new ways of working. Recently, I’ve got a chance to reshape a leading UK’s biggest public sector client approach to change, I’ve defined and embedded a cloud transformation methodology and Remote working. I’ve crossed supplier teams’ resources, colleagues across NSE (Deloitte’s Europe and UK firm’s member). Growing our Deloitte team and building our capability to deliver in the public sector through enhancing our talent pipeline.

My specialist areas are Infrastructure as a Service, Software Defined Networks, SD-WAN, Network Security, AWS Connect, Data Analytics and cyber security. Since joining Deloitte, these skills have been refined to ensure that we’re best positioned to help our clients address their most complex business challenges, while executing their end-to-end infrastructure connectivity. This has been especially challenging due to the exponential rise in remote working.

My role now focuses on helping clients to solve and manage complex business problems with technology in new and innovative ways, and to achieve this, strong relationships built on trust are key – with my team, and my clients. I believe that technology has a crucial role in climate and sustainability, diversity and inclusion and always strives to make a difference, Also, being a woman and working in cloud engineering, I feel empowered because I know that women bring a different perspective to a project. Even though the national average is still only at 19%, being a part of the solution is exciting It’s also worth mentioning that not all cloud related roles are explicitly technical. A variety of skills are needed to build industry relationships and address other areas, such as the constantly evolving infrastructure, and legacy data centre challenges. Authenticity, creativity, leadership skills and a great attitude are also invaluable attributes to have.

1: Leading Cloud External Eminence initiatives – Leading our Cloud external eminence initiatives to feature our cloud engineering’s talent to an external audience (Deloitte’s social channels) and enhancing diversity/inclusion. I’ve been operating advertising & marketing external events across multiple territories (EMEA and UK). An Intent to expand diversity inclusion and showcasing cloud engineering talent.
2: Cloud engineering training acquisition programme- I supported Cloud Fluency’s series of training for Junior resources and talent. Intent planting a seed via mentoring and trainer them. This will enable promoting junior talent and encouraging creativity and passion.
3: Cloud engineering coffee catch-up initiatives – Welcoming New joiners an enabling young woman (promote junior talent) to share ambitious ideas, while encouraging creativity and passion.
4: I’ve proven successful track record on designing and implementation of large number Data centre transformation and driving M&A deals and Led and go-to person for client conversations for business development for AWS Connect, SDN, SDWAN, SDDC and cloud transformation Deals
5: Leading roles in SDDC transformation programmes, leveraging the Network capability and the wider Deloitte service lines and member firms to deliver exceptional client service.

In my previous role as a datacentre architect I’ve managed complex large-scale Datacentre transformation. Led Women-in-Tech initiatives gives me an opportunity to grow women in the tech industry. I’ve won “ICI Heroes Delivery” awards. Leading and go-to person for client conversations for business development for AWS Connect, SDN, SDWAN (SDDC, transformation and M&A Deals). I’ve earned multiple Cisco Certification CCIE –DC, CCNA, AWS solution architect & VMware Certified Professional, ITIL and Six Sigma. Being a techie, I love everything technical and am passionate about learning new technologies. I believe that life is a constant evolution and that every day provides another opportunity to learn. Apart from that, I like outdoor sports activities and am a bit of a gym freak. I love to read about space and am passionate about science fiction.