As digital technologies become the driving engine and key differentiator for progress in business and society, it is important now more than ever that companies consider the sustainability impact across the lifecycle of the IT solutions they look to acquire.

While governments and businesses alike place an increased focus in how and with whom they conduct business, based upon CSR agendas and carbon footprint related criteria, there are several critical factors to consider in sustainable IT; inclusive of product design and manufacturing, overall energy efficiency, through to end-of-life recyclability & reusability.

This webinar will explore the importance of each of these components as they relate to making sustainable technology choices. We will share best practices on what to consider when assessing and selecting technology solutions, with a mindful eye on how this aligns to and affects your companies sustainability goals.

About Brittani

Brittani BobowickBrittani Bobowick leads the activation of Dell Technologies’ Corporate Social Responsibility agenda across the Europe, Middle Eastern and African markets. Utilising the breadth of Dell’s sustainability strategy, Brittani works closely in partnership with many of our leading customers to identify and implement key alignment opportunities across their CSR agenda’s. These collaborations drive greater social impact outcomes for society, building and leveraging on our goal to drive human progress.

Brittani joined Dell Technologies in 2010 as a sales associate based in Boston, Massachusetts, responsible for client relationships across New England. Subsequently, she has served in various channel enablement and customer advocacy roles, where she focused on assessing and improving the Dell Technologies customer experience. Brittani holds a BS in Advertising and Business from the University of Texas in Austin.