In this session we will look at the journey of cloud, where have we been and where are we now. What different cloud transitions or eras have we moved through.

We will learn about the advantages that cloud computing has given us, including cost-effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility. We’ll look deeper into the innovations in cloud computing and the latest trends, including emerging technologies, best practices and industry standards.

About the speaker

Corina CallanCorina Callan, Principal Engineer, Oliver Wyman

Corina is a Principal Engineer in Oliver Wyman’s Digital Practice, leading engagements across multiple sectors.She has extensive experience in Cloud and has helped many clients through their transitions, ensuring they maximise their benefits, manage their cost efficiencies and deliver on business value ambitions.

She has worked with organisations through different versions of cloud technology from IaaS all the way through to the PaaS and SaaS that we see today.

Corina is hugely experienced in leading large multi-disciplinary teams on a global scale, specialising in managing high performance agile teams, making pragmatic decisions to balance priorities and guide technical decisions, with a specific focus on increasing the quality and efficiency of programmes for her clients.

She is a keen leader in Oliver Wyman’s work around gender diversity in technology.