Urenna Okonkwo is the founder and CEO of Cashmere, an early stage fintech startup. She is a beginner coder and is particularly interested in Artificial Intelligence, the ethics of AI and its future impacts on our society.

She has c5 years of experience in the finance industry, working as a financial adviser at Saunderson House, providing investment advice and managing the wealth of high net worth individuals and as an Investigations & Compliance Analyst at KPMG. Other than finance, she is experienced in building strategic relationships with small and large consumer brands, having managed partnerships and sponsorships with brands such as Estee Lauder, WAH Nails, No.7, Clarins, to name a few. Additionally, she has a keen eye for data and using trends to forecast future outcomes, especially within the millennial and Generation Z demographics.

Urenna is a passionate and creative innovator who has combined her love for fashion and technology with her background in finance to inspire and influence modern millennial women to enjoy luxury responsibly.