The VR/AR industry is rapidly evolving from an enterprise perspective as organisations and functions across all sectors increasingly adopt the technology.

We are a small team dedicated to helping companies realise the value of VR/AR technology for their business.

In your role as a VR/AR Unity Developer, you will help PwC bring to life the possibilities for their clients by developing prototype experiences that will be available on head-mounted displays, mobile phones, and/or other devices. You may be dealing with both computer-generated content as well as 360 media.

Due to the fast-paced and diverse nature of this technology, an inquisitive and experimental mindset is a must to explore the full potential of VR/AR and adjacent technologies such as eye tracking and haptics. You may also have to adapt to different development tools and devices depending on the requirements of each project.

In this role, you’ll experience working as part of a dynamic team responsible for the technologies PwC use themselves and those they provide to their clients. PwC offer a unique perspective of how technology is used across all business areas and provide an excellent environment for you to explore, develop and learn.