Vanessa Sanyauke

Vanessa is the Founder of The Hill app an AI powered platform that enables global businesses to hire female talent whilst saving on costs and time. Our aim is to connect 1 million women from 140 countries to jobs and opportunities.

Vanessa is also the Founder & CEO of Girls Talk Corporation connecting 56,000 women across 37 countries to global businesses such as events, programmes and digital content.

Vanessa has worked with companies such as Apple, Amazon, Beats by Dre, Meta, HSBC UK, Goldman Sachs, Snap Inc, Virgin Media O2, Zalando, BT and Vodafone + many more to connect them with diverse talent across all levels within their businesses.

Vanessa has 16 years of experience in Diversity & Inclusion & ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) + working in the financial services, technology and government and has been recognised as a leader in her field listed as #15 in the Financial Times, Yahoo Finance and EMpower top ethnic minority future leaders in Europe, U.S and Canada.

Her expertise sits in creating and executing global diversity, inclusion and sustainability strategies and programmes, building capability & influence in organisations and partnering with & advising C-suite executives, senior leadership and HR colleagues

Vanessa has a social media following of 25,000 and is also a Business Podcaster with her podcast, The After Work Drinks Club debuting at Number 4 on the Apple Business Charts.

Vanessa has also been recognised as one of 30 people changing the world by the London Business School, one of London’s most influential people by the Evening Standard Newspaper and has featured in The Guardian, Cosmopolitan magazine, Sunday Times Style magazine, Stylist magazine, The Evening Standard newspaper and the Financial Times.

Twitter: @VanessaSanyauke