I unintentionally embarked on my technology journey in 2003, with no understanding of what I was going to happen.

I started at a small IT company, working as a Bid Coordinator. The role was something new, exciting and it instantly sparked my interest – I felt at home.

Years passed, and the business that was once a small IT company, was acquired by a large Telco in 2007.

I have encountered lots of business change in my almost 20 years in technology, but what I have learned, and the people and friendships I have made, outweighs the difficult times this has brought upon me, my career and my family.

I was a very successful Bid Manager for 8 years, and whilst I was very happy in this role, I always strived to be more and do more, but opportunities lacked. Loving the business I worked for and the people I worked with, I stuck by the role and business, and finally around the 10th anniversary of my life in technology as a Bid Manager, opportunities started to open up.

From here I jumped into a senior bid role, then quickly to a principal bid role, taking on line management duties for the first time, with no training under my belt. I embraced it nonetheless, and it has helped me grow into the person I am today. A few years passed, I was enjoying the level I was working at, so agreed it was time for me to start a family with my now husband.

On returning to work, a new and exciting role presented itself, it was perfect for me. I would be able to still live and love the bidding environment, but would also be able to make a difference, working in an operational capacity. My love to ‘fix everything’ and ‘simplify the way we work’ was coming to life and I was being given an opportunity to make a difference.

Taking on a small team of 7, I created a new Bid Operations function, with no real direction as to what was expected of me. This was the making of me, it ignited even more passion – I was determined to be the best manager, build a solid environment for me and my team and deliver the best results within my role.

I was successful in this role for 2 years, when further change presented itself. The team lost lots of very experienced people through some challenging times. I was the sole survivor from the management team, and thrust upon me was a multitude of problems, a 35+ bid management team who needed mentoring/management and recruitment to rebuild from the impact of the business change.

In January 2022, a senior role was created that suited me. This had come prematurely in my career plan, but I took the plunge and here I end my biography as the Senior Manager of a large Bid Management team, working in the same Telco that acquired that small technology firm over 15 years ago.