With a career spanning 15 years in the technology industry, I embarked on my journey at BT as an apprentice, specializing in 2nd line broadband operational support while pursuing a BTEC in telecommunications. Building upon my apprenticeship, I pursued further education, obtaining a CertHE in Network and Communication Technologies. After the apprenticeship I transitioned to BT’s Voice platforms, I expanded my technical platform knowledge and provided operational support for live customer and platform issues. Alongside my role, I actively supported apprentices in their development, participated in careers fairs to inspire young women to pursue technology careers, and contributed to our apprenticeship campaign aimed at attracting more women to the tech field.

As I progressed, I assumed the role of leading a 2nd line operational team. However, during my first pregnancy, I faced a challenging period that required me to take a step back from leadership responsibilities. Nevertheless, I returned stronger and sought new avenues to broaden my technical expertise by joining the integration and platform test team. This challenge enabled me to propel my career path, gaining a promotion to lead a team focused on testing BT’s Core Voice platforms. Despite encountering another difficult pregnancy while having my second child, I returned with renewed determination and passion for my career in technology. Within my team, we expanded our support to encompass testing for BT’s 999 platform and two other critical Voice platforms. Additionally, I had the opportunity to support and develop other women who had chosen a similar career path through BT’s apprenticeship scheme. During this time I successfully completed BT’s Tech Woman program, designed to empower high-performing women in advancing their careers within technology roles.

After spending four years in this domain, I felt the need to explore new avenues to enhance my understanding and knowledge of the business landscape and the diverse range of services BT provides to our customers. I made the transition to the PMO supporting one of BT’s core delivery areas. Over the past 18 months, I have taken the lead in portfolio planning with our CFUs (Customer-Facing Units), ensuring that we align our efforts with the business’s objectives which included being the lead for strategic programme reporting up to Executive board level. While the career change came with challenges, it provided valuable insights that have propelled me to my current position as the leader of the central PMO function. In this role, my focus is on equipping our teams with the necessary resources to successfully deliver projects, with a keen emphasis on timeliness, quality, and cost-effectiveness.