Victoria Limont-Brown

In 2006 I sat at the checkout desk of the then top computer store in the UK ‘PC World’, wondering how I had ended up there…I wasn’t about to be another individual living paycheque to paycheque unhappy with my career and my life choices….I knew something had to change.

Although my IT career really began in 2013, there have been a number of other significant events which have helped shaped my career to date. Whilst working full time I decided to undertake an Open University course, studying ‘Data, Computing and Information’ – completing this course was the push I needed to return back into full time education and take the first real step into a career within IT.

During my 3rd year of university I was extremely lucky to have been offered an industrial placement opportunity at the big blue chip company IBM – although this meant moving 250 miles away from home, I knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. Working there was a fantastic experience and gave me an initial taste into the corporate world of IT.

On completion of my degree I began my graduate management scheme at The Co-op, the 28 successful candidates made up only 2% of all the applications The Co-op had received for that intake. Moving across the business I undertook roles within Business Analysis, Project Management and a number of IT Architecture roles – this is where I developed my love of Architecture.

During my time within Architecture I fulfilled a number of roles, from starting as an Architecture Analyst and performing a largely supportive role, I worked my way up the ladder and finished my time at The Co-op as a Senior Solutions Architect, requiring little or no support, making companywide impacting decisions.

I have now moved on to new challenge within the global banking company HSBC. My role within HSBC is slightly different, although i am still “Architecting”, I am also now responsible for supporting the Chief Architect in guiding the team on best practices and embedding robust governance processes. As well as my day job I am also an ambassador for an internal HSBC initiative which aims to introduce and support women who want to break into the Architecture field. Additionally, I mentor a number of ladies who are at varying stages in their careers and require some additional support, guidance or just a friendly face.

All things considered, I feel like I’ve come a long way since working the checkout desk at PC World.