One Tech World Conference Agenda

TUES 11 - THURS 13 MAY 2021

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The sessions featured on our stages are a mixture of live keynotes, live Q&A panels and ‘In the Lounge’ fireside chats.

The stages will be divided into two tracks – Let’s Talk Tech and Career Development. We also have a ‘follow the sun’, on-demand stage for individuals joining us from other global time zones.

Individuals will be able to attend an average of ten sessions during the day.  All sessions and panels are being recorded and will be available for ticket holders to play on demand for a period of 30 days.




One Tech World Banner Date - Tuesday

08:30-08:45: A Warm Welcome from Headline Sponsors, BAE Systems
with Theresa Palmer, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, BAE Systems AI

09:00-09:30: The Future World of Work
with Professor Margaret Heffernan, Entrepreneur, TED Speaker, Business Author & Former CEO

09:45-10:15: Tech Trends – The Next 10 Years
with Emma Kendrew, Cloud, Infrastructure & Engineering Lead, Accenture Technology UKI

10:15-11:00: BREAK

11:00-11:30: Data sharing is here to stay: Where does regulation go next?
with Deborah O’Neill, Head of UK Digital, Partner, Oliver Wyman

Countries across the globe have been looking to increase sovereignty, raising questions around whether free flow of data will persist. Meanwhile, individuals are raising questions about their privacy rights and losing faith in the information they are presented with online. To find out latest trends and potential future scenarios, join Deborah O’Neill as she shares the latest Oliver Wyman Forum research and helps make sense of the complex intersection between data, trust, and access to services we increasingly take for granted.

11:45-12:30: Panel: Technology Trends, Post-Pandemic

Facilitated by Julia Streets, CEO, Streets Consulting with Deborah O’Neill; Emma Kendrew; Sugeeta Bhanoo, APAC Head of Capabilities, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence; and Dzevad Trumic, Head of Site Reliability Engineering, Goldman Sachs

12:45-13:15: Cyber Power – The Shades of Grey
with Dr Mary Haigh, CISO, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Cyber Power was mentioned in the recent UK governments Integrated Review 22 times! And yet if you asked 10 people what cyber power is, you’d get 10 different answers. It’s getting lots of funding and attention but it’s very much in an early stage of thinking on what it really means. Is there such a thing as good cyber power and bad cyber power, or is it shades of grey? This shouldn’t just be some debate happening in a dark corner somewhere, this is something that impacts all of us. Looking at the last year I think we’ve all realised just how much our digital infrastructure can enrich our lives and underpin some of our most core societal values. Our trust of this digital infrastructure is vital, to our economy, to our way of life, to our core values as a society. Cyber power has the ability to both strengthen our digital infrastructure and weaken it. This talk explores the different forms of cyber power, the light and the dark, the shades of grey, and how it could impact us in our everyday lives.

13:15-14:00: BREAK

14:00-14:30: The Evolution of Cloud and Open Source Technologies
with Rachel Cassidy, Senior Vice President, Global Channel and Cloud, SUSE

The world around us has changed a lot in the past year – which has brought the agility and flexibility that cloud and open source technologies delivers into sharper focus. Join Rachel Cassidy, SVP of SUSE’s Global Cloud & Channels, as she demystifies these technologies with examples from the worlds of retail, autonomous vehicles and video games.

14:45-15:15: Fintech 2030

15:30-16:00: Move slow and fix things? Responsible tech in a disruptive era
with Dr Kate Devlin, Senior Lecturer in Social and Cultural Artificial Intelligence, King’s College London

Silicon Valley seems to have adopted the “move fast and break things” motto and it’s coming back to bite them. How can we be responsible in a world that rewards fast innovation? Despite talk of ethical development, we’re not seeing action. Those who speak out risk being pushed out – and often, that’s women. If we want change then where do we go from here?

16:00-16:45: BREAK

16:45-17:30: Panel: AI & Ethics: Making Ethics our top priority

Facilitated by Rob McCargow, Director of AI, PwC UK with Dr Kate Devlin; Professor Aimee van Wynsberghe, Humboldt Professor of Applied Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, University of Bonn; Dr Allison Gardner, Lecturer, Keele University and CEO, AI Aware Ltd; and Rachel Free, Partner, CMS

17:45-18:15: VR is dead – or is it?
with Jeremy Dalton, Head of XR, PwC UK

The media regularly covers news on disappointing VR headset sales, but how valid are these concerns when considering the mainstream adoption of this technology? In this session, Jeremy will take you on a data-driven journey to try and answer this question.

07:00-07:30: How to build a community with no marketing or advertising budget
with Flavilla Fongang, Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Founder, 3 Colours Rule

How have some brands or business individuals developed great community while building an emotional connection with their audience who continuously recommend them? Nowadays, being creating a community for your business or for social purpose is essential. Flavilla will share the strategies she used to grow her community, TLA Black Women in tech, to 1,300 members in a year without a website.

07:45-08:05: In the Lounge with Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE, Founder, Stemettes

Join us ‘In the Lounge’ with Dr Anne Marie Imafidon MBE, Founder, Stemettes, as she discusses how to control your career

08:20-08:40: Speak Up – Get Your Voice Heard 
with Esther Stanhope, The ‘Impact Guru’ & Founder, Esther Stanhope Ltd

Esther’s masterclass will help you;

  • Speak up and get your voice heard in this virtual world!
  • Learn tips TV professionals
  • Feel more powerful and confident
  • Own your little square and have more presence
  • Tell stories v dump data to engage with your audience
  • Feel fabulous!

08:55-09:25: How to Ace Your Career, Working from Home
with Harriet Minter, Journalist, Speaker & Director, The HVM Group

09:40-10:00: In the Lounge with Air Marshal Sue Gray

10:00-10:30: BREAK

10:30-10:50: In the Lounge with Rashada Harry, Enterprise Technologist, AWS

Join us ‘In the Lounge’ with Rashada Harry, Enterprise Technologist, AWS, as she discusses giving back, youth in tech and careers

11:05-11:35: Has Anyone Seen My Confidence?
with Susie Ramroop, Mindset Coach, Speaker & Author

11:50-12:35: Panel: Tips from the Top – How to accelerate your career

Facilitated by Vanessa Vallely OBE, Managing Director, WeAreTheCity & WeAreTechWomen with Adriana Ennab, Director of Public Policy, Credit Suisse; Group Captain Emily Flynn OBE, Station Commander, Royal Air Force Brize Norton; and Gabriella Matyas-Kollar, Chief Operating Officer for Technology, Morgan Stanley

12:50-13:10: How to get in and get on in Tech

13:20-14:05: BREAK

14:05-14:35: The Future of Work
with Jo Hannaford, Head of EMEA Engineering, London, Goldman Sachs

14:50-15:20: Lessons from my what3words journey
with Clare Jones, Chief Commercial Officer, what3words

Exploring what3words, the company and its recent growth, and some lessons learnt along the way

15:35-16:20: Panel: Female Tech Pioneers – Carving out your Career in Tech

With Abake Adenle, CEO & Founder, ajala; Sadia Ahmed, Chief Product Officer, The Bx Group; Lorna Allen, CIO, StepChange Debt Charity; and Amy Whitell, Co-founder & CEO, Collctiv

16:20-16:50: BREAK

16:50-17:35: Panel: Female Founders: Here Us Roar!

Facilitated by David Savage, Group Technology Evangelist, Harvey Nash Group & Founder, Tech Talks, with Yasmin Johal, Associate, CMS; Hadeel Ayoub, Lecturer, Researcher & Entrepreneur; Annie Amusu, Affiliate Consultant & Founder, Epiphannie A; and Kayleigh Oliver, Founder & Creator, Junction 5 Studios

17:50-18:10: In the Lounge with Claudine Adeyemi, CEO, Career Ear

Join us ‘In the Lounge’ with Claudine Adeyemi, CEO, Career Ear, as she discusses transitioning from Corporate to Enterpreneur

One Tech World Banner Date - Wednesday

06:15-06:45: A Case Study for Transformation and Change
with Supriya Nag, Delivery Manager, Group Operations Solutions, Credit Suisse

Use the design and delivery of the new “Strategic Cash Settlement Platform” to showcase the transformation and change aspect. The new cash settlement platform would comprise of distinct set of business-goal based services loosely coupled and orchestrated using distributed environment offering high-availability services to Global Ops Businesses.

07:00-07:30: Are the Robots coming to take over?

07:45-08:15: How does Quantum Computing play in to future innovations?
with Dr. Joelle Boutari, Researcher in Quantum Physics, Crypto Quantique

08:30-09:00: The Tech Tourist: Journeying Into The Near Future
with Georgie Barrat, Technology Journalist & TV Broadcaster, The Gadget Show

Join TV presenter and tech journalist Georgie Barrat as she takes you on a trip into the future.

How is tech set to transform the way we socialise, learn and live? What’s the next evolution of Siri? How might video calls be changing?

As a presenter of The Gadget Show, Georgie has first-hand experience of testing the tech that will change tomorrow and will be giving you an exclusive glimpse of what’s in store.

09:15-09:45: What’s new in DevOps?
with Apinya Medina, Director, Credit Suisse

09:45-10:30: BREAK

10:30-11:00: How to drive large Transformation and Change
with Tanuja Randery, Partner, McKinsey Transformation

11:15-11:35: Keynote with Caroline Dinenage MP, Minister of State for Digital and Culture

11:45-12:15: TBC

12:30-13:00: What are the biggest cybersecurity threats impacting businesses and Individuals?
with Sarah Armstrong Smith, Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft

In this session, Sarah Armstrong-Smith looks back over the last 12 month to explore how cybercriminals have relentlessly exploited a global crisis; and the key things that businesses and individuals should be thinking about to protect themselves from cybercrime and fraud.

13:00-13:45: BREAK

13:45-14:05: In the Lounge with Charlotte Crosswell, CEO, Innovate Finance

Join us ‘In The Lounge’ with Charlotte Crosswell, CEO, Innovate Finance, as she discusses Fintech

14:20-14:50: TBC

15:05-15:35: Why we need to be AI Aware
with Dr Allison Gardner, Lecturer, Keele University & CEO, AI Aware Ltd

AI has many benefits but it also comes with certain risks if not developed with strong ethical oversight and governance. This session will give an overview of the developing governance frameworks for AI focussing of key frameworks, algorithmic impact assessments and the evolving field of AI auditing.

15:50-16:20: The Future of Workspaces, we talk PropTech and Demo Yonderdesk
with Vanessa Tierney, CEO, Abodoo

16:20-16:40: BREAK

16:40-17:25: Panel: The Challenges for Tech Business, Post-Pandemic

Facilitated by David Savage, Group Technology Evangelist, Harvey Nash Group with Emma Griffin, Group Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Sky; Amanda Creak, Head of EMEA Technology Risk, Goldman Sachs; Martin Barber, People and Global Capabilities Director, Applied Intelligence; Tunji Akintokun MBE, Director, Product & Solutions Group, PwC; and Jeanie York, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Virgin Media

17:40-18:10: The Art of the Possible with AI in business and how to get into the industry
with Sarah Burnett, Founding Partner, Emergence Partners, BCS book author and AI Accelerator founder

In this session, Sarah Burnett will discuss the art of the possible with AI for business and how companies can benefit from it today. She will also provide an overview of the skills landscape and how to get into this expanding field of technology. In the talk, Sarah will cover the kinds of solutions that are available for businesses to use, how these can lead to better business outcomes and resources for AI skills development.

06:30-06:50: In the Lounge with Anuranjita Kumar, Entrepreneur, Accomplished Human Resources Professional, Author and Investor

Join us ‘In the Lounge’ with Anuranjita Kumar, Entrepreneur, Accomplished Human Resources Profession, Author and Investor, as she discusses the rise of Women in Tech in India

07:05-07:35: My Data is Connected, So What?
with Suki Fuller, Fellow of The ​Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows​; Analytical Storyteller; & Venture  Capital Advisor

Many people don’t realise, just how connected their personal data is and how this is relevant to their future. This session will highlight the potential repercussions both positive and negative for your future.

07:50-08:20: Putting your insights to work: Measure and improve diversity, equity and inclusion
with Sheree Atcheson, Former Global Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In this session, Sheree will talk through how important metrics and measurement of inclusion are, in the journey of embracing diversity and creating more inclusive environments.

She will discuss:

  • What has happened and why it isn’t working
  • How continous listening must be part of your DE&I strategy
  • Why we must do more and do it better

08:35-08:50: In the Lounge with June Sarpong OBE, TV Presenter, Diversity Expert & Award-Winning Author

Join us ‘In The Lounge’ with June Sarpong OBE, TV Presenter, Diversity Expert & Award-Winning Author, as she discusses diversity in tech and why we need more diverse women in the industry

09:10-09:40: Building Resilience in Yourself and Others
with Emma Shute & Jenny Pollock, Founder, Director & Coaches of Women to Work

Join Jenny and Emma, from Women to Work as they provide delegates with an introduction to resilience and the concept that resilience is something we ‘do’ rather than something we ‘have’ and therefore we can learn to build it. A practical, useful and inspiring session that will give you the opportunity to understand and take away resilience coaching tools to help you and those around you to deal with the setbacks and challenges that we all experience in work and life.

09:55-10:25: TBC

10:25-10:55: BREAK

10:55-11:25: In the Lounge with Peter Akwaboah, Chief Operating Officer of Operations, Technology and Firm Resilience, Morgan Stanley

Join us ‘In the Lounge’ with Peter Akwaboah, Chief Operating Officer of Operations, Technology and Firm Resilience, Morgan Stanley

11:40-12:15: Panel: How can we remove the barriers for women in Tech

Facilitated by Vanessa Vallely OBE, Managing Director, WeAreTheCity & WeAreTechWomen, with Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, President, techUK; Rav Bumbra, Founder, Structur3dpeople & Cajigo; and June Angelides MBE, VC at Samos Investments, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Speaker, Writer

12:25-13:10: BREAK

13:10-13:30: In the Lounge with Sandie Small, Head of the Operations Command Centre, Bank of England

Join us ‘In the Lounge’ with Sandie Small, Head of the Operations Command Centre, Bank of England, as she discusses climbing the career ladder as a woman in tech

13:45-14:15: TBC

14:30-15:00: Being underrepresented and owning your space
with Frank Starling, Founder & CEO, Variety Pack 

15:15-15:35: In the Lounge with Shellye Archambeau, CEO, Silicon Valley leader, Author & Board member for Verizon, Nordstrom, Roper Technologies and Okta Inc.

Join us ‘In the Lounge’ with Shellye Archambeau, CEO, Silicon Valley leader, Author & Board member for Verizon, Nordstrom, Roper Technologies and Okta Inc., as she discusses ambition and achieving dreams

15:35-16:00: BREAK

16:00-16:45: Panel: Diversity and Inclusion – How can companies be inclusive to attract Diverse Talent?

Facilitated by Birgit Neu, Former Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, HSBC, with Rukasana Bhaijee, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Lead, EMEA Technology, Google; Caroline Drucker, Director, Strategic Partnerships EMEA, Instagram; and Priscilla Baffour, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Tik Tok

17:00-17:45: Panel: What can companies do to accelerate our careers?

Facilitated by Gill Cooke, Head of Digital Planning and Delivery, Three & Founder, STEMConnext, with Safiyah Yasin, Tech Degree Apprentice, PwC; Tasnima Miah, Analyst, Technology Graduate Program, Credit Suisse; Anastasia Perysinakis, MEng Chemical Engineering Student, Queen’s University; and Nerissa Arviana Prawiro, Associate, User Experience, Goldman Sachs

One Tech World Banner Date - Thursday

07:00-07:30: How the No Code/Low Code revolution is transforming the tech industry
with Paul McGillivray, CTO and Co-founder at Remote, and Code Assembly

Paul McGillivray has seen many changes in the software industry as he’s watched it develop over his 20+ years as a serial tech founder and CTO. He believes that the emerging No Code/Low Code platforms are set to transform the business landscape once again, as we will see the next generation of the democratisation of technology. In this talk, he explains the key concepts of no code/low code platforms, how they are set to impact the software development industry, and business as a whole. He’ll talk you through the low code/no code revolution we’re about to see, as well as giving his take on the best ways to prepare and take advantage of this exciting new wave of tech.

07:45-08:15: How we built a countrywide Data Strategy

with Bethan Charnley, Head of National Data Strategy Implementation at Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)

08:30-09:00: The Wonder of Wearables
with Marija Butkovic, Founder and CEO, Women of Wearables

Marija Butkovic, founder and CEO of Women of Wearables, Forbes contributor and startup mentor and advisor will discuss how the rise of the Women in Tech movement globally has led to women building femtech products that solve real problems using technology as an enabler. Once considered a niche market, femtech is one of the fastest-growing health industries at the moment estimated to reach $50 billion by 2025. With the surge of innovations in fertility, menstrual health, sexual health, pregnancy, menopause, it is delivering next-generation solutions to female health issues that were neglected and under-researched for way too long. But, femtech as an industry goes beyond just female (reproductive) health, which is why this sector is poised for even bigger growth in the years to come.

09:15-09:45: D&I in AI in the post-Pandemic era
with Didem Un Ates, Managing Director, Data & AI, Europe, Accenture Microsoft Business Group, Accenture

09:45-10:30: BREAK

10:30-11:00: Journey into fintech
with Camille McKelvey, Head of Business Development STP, MarketAxess

11:15-11:45: How to Embrace and Embed Large Scale Change
with Na Zhou, Partner, Oliver Wyman Digital

Change can be scary. It can be intimidating for an individual making a new career move, and it can be terrifying at an organisational level. To find out how to navigate change at both ends of the spectrum, join Na Zhou as she shares her personal journey of parental responsibilities, career ambitions, and solving firm-wide data problems at a major UK insurer.

12:00-12:30: In the Lounge with Russ Shaw CBE, Founder of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates

Join us ‘In the Lounge’ with Russ Shaw CBE, Founder of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates, as he discusses GreenTech, Sustainability and Clean Energy.

12:20-13:00: BREAK

13:00-13:30: Societe Generale’s Digital transformation story
with Cecile Bartenieff, COO & Global Head of Technology and Operations for Societe Generale Global Banking & Investor Solutions; Member of Societe Generale Strategic Committee

13:45-14:15: The growth of Cloud Native Ecosystem: Interoperability and Interfaces
with Katie Gamanji, Ecosystem Advocate, CNCF

Within its 7 years of existence, Kubernetes has been the gravitational center of the Cloud Native landscape, elevating a pluggable system that contributed to the diversification of the entire ecosystem. To accommodate the expanding space of cloud-native tooling, it was necessary to introduce interoperability, standardization, and automation.

This talk will focus on the evolution of interfaces within the Kubernetes landscape, including networking, storage, service mesh, and cluster provisioning. Attendees will acquire an understanding of why the interoperability of open-source tools is pivotal in the modern infrastructure and drives the growth of the cloud native ecosystem.

14:30-15:15: Panel: Bitcoin and Blockchain: The story of digital currencies from Bitcoin to De-Fi to Central Bank Digital Currencies and what it means for us

Facilitated by Bridget Greenwood, Founder, The Bigger Pie, with Teggy Altankhuyag, Co-Director and COO, Coinfloor; Dr Amber Ghaddar, Founder, AllianceBlock; Jannah Patchay, Founder, Markets Evolution; and Devina Paul, CFO, Zumo

15:15-16:00: BREAK

16:00-16:30: Health tech apps: how do we know what’s real?
with Liz Ashall-Payne, Co-founder and CEO, ORCHA

Join Liz to explore the current state of play with health apps and technologies. We’ll discuss the importance of health app evaluation and accreditation, including the most important factors to consider when developing your own health app. Liz will also share some of her founding story, including how ORCHA came to be and her journey growing the business.

16:45-17:15: TBC

17:30-18:00: The Future of Drones
with Dr Pippa Malmgren, Founder and Chairman, Datifly

07:00-07:45: Panel: Senior Leaders Talk Career Tips – India

Facilitated by Tribeni Chougule, Head of Change Management, CFO Office – Finance, Europe, Visa, with Anuradha Nath, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), India Technology, Morgan Stanley, India; Neeti Tolia, Group Information Technology Director, Credit Suisse; Pradnya Desai, Managing Director, Accenture India; Jamuna Ravi, Global Portfolio & Practices Management Lead, Technology, HSBC; and Priyanka Choudhury

08:00-08:20: In the Lounge with Laura Barrowman, Group Chief Information Officer, Credit Suisse

Join us ‘In the Lounge’ with Laura Barrowman, Group Chief Information Officer, Credit Suisse, as she discusses tips for women seeking a senior role.

08:35-09:05: Using collaborative tech to unlock your human strengths
with Dominique Ashby, Humanity Champion and Founder, [email protected]

Tech implemented well is the ultimate enabler of our human strengths. Our brains got their last major hardware update over 200,000 years ago and are still getting used to the different elements that come with interacting virtually. In this session we look at ways we can support our brains in being their best in a virtual setting, with a particular focus on best ways to use tech for collaboration with teams and clients.

09:20-09:40: In the Lounge with Sheridan Ash MBE, Technology & Investments Director & Women in Technology Leader, PwC

Join us ‘In the Lounge’ with Sheridan Ash MBE, Technology & Investments Director & Women in Technology Leader, PwC.

09:40-10:25: BREAK

10:25-10:55: We talk Food Tech with Gousto
with Lavi Franzetti, Acquisition and Retention Director, Gousto

11:10-11:55: Panel: How can business areas drive their own inclusion and diversity initiatives

Facilitated by Julia Streets, CEO, Streets Consulting, with Sian Allsopp, Executive Director, Enterprise Technology and Service, Morgan Stanley; Naomi Masterson, Vice President, Global Technology Services, Northern Trust; Theresa Palmer, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, BAE Systems AI; and Laura Magnani, UKI Technology Associate Director, Accenture

12:10-13:40: Tech Talent Charter – How do we foster more diversity in tech
with Debbie Forster MBE, CEO, Tech Talent Charter

13:40-14:20: BREAK

14:20-14:40: In the Lounge with Alison Pain, EMEA Chief Technology Officer, Northern Trust

Join us ‘In the Lounge’ with Alison Pain, EMEA Chief Technology Officer, Northern Trust, as she discusses the role of a CTO.

14:55-15:40: Panel: Harnessing Neurodiversity in Tech

Facilitated by Marie-Clare Fenech, Committee Member Tech London Advocates, Tech for DisAbility, with Heather Payne, Director of Digital Technology, Sky; Helen Needham, Managing Principal, Capco; Kate Nash OBE, Creator & CEO, Purple Space; Akua Opong, Senior Analyst, Service Management, London Stock Exchange Group; and Dr Nancy Doyle, Occupational Pyschologist & CEO, Genius Within

15:55-16:25: In the Lounge with Sheng Liang, President of Engineering and Innovation, SUSE

Join us ‘In the Lounge’ with Sheng Liang, President of Engineering and Innovation, SUSE.

16:25-16:45: BREAK

16:45-17:05: In the Lounge with Ann Cairns, Executive Vice Chairman, Mastercard

Join us ‘In the Lounge’ with Ann Cairns, Executive Vice Chairman, Mastercard, as she discusses careers and leadership.

17:20-18:05: Panel: The importance of Mentors and Sponsors

Facilitated by Kerrie Dorman, Founder of the Association of Business Mentors; Head Mentor, Sinclair Dorman, with Lauretta Eustace, Technology Programme Manager, Strategic Projects, Northern Trust; April Moh, Chief Communications Officer, SUSE; Deborah Heiser, Applied Developmental Psychologist, a TEDx speaker, consultant, Founder of The Mentor Project™, and an Adjunct Professor in the Psychology Department at SUNY Old Westbury; and Sarah Smith, Global Head of Product Marketing for BAE System’s Applied Intelligence FinCrime portfolio


There are also over 40 additional exclusive sessions that you will be able to access on our ‘follow the sun’ on-demand stage.

Youngsters in Tech – The Next Generation
with Samaira Mehta, Tech Entrepreneur & Founder, CoderBunnyz

Insight – Get a PHD in your ideal customer’s pain points
with Natalie Jameson, CEO, HeroWorx Institute

Getting Kids into A Tech Mindset
with Lisa Goodchild, Chief Trouble Maker, Digilearning

How Returners Programmes benefit the Tech Industry
with Beckie Taylor, CEO, Tech Returners

In the Lounge with Linda Davidson, Transformation Program Director, Group M

Fight, Flight and Unconscious Bias
with Mairi McHaffie, Personal Impact Expert & CEO of Scene Change Creative Consultants

Ideation to Income
with Natalie Jameson, CEO, HeroWorx Institute

In the Lounge with Vanessa Tierney, CEO, Abodoo

How to win ‘Race to Zero’ with the help of Green Tech
with Ivana Skerlikova, Global Decarbonization Director and Head of Green Network, Atos

The Social Leadership Imperative
with Andrea Edwards, Founder & CEO, The Digital Conversationalist

In the lounge with Dr Allison Gardner, Lecturer in Data Science, Keele University

Machine Learning and Robotics in Healthcare Devices and Rehabilitation
with Alishba Imran, Machine Learning, Robotics and Blockchain Developer

In the Lounge with Gaia Marcus, Head of Engagement for the UK Civil Service Reform & Modernisation programme

Technology Solutions for the Plastic Waste Crisis
with Catherine Keenan, Principal and Founder, Catherine C Keenan LLC

Panel: Tips from the Top at RBC

Facilitated by Vanessa Vallely OBE, Managing Director, WeAreTheCity & WeAreTechWomen, with Snezana Stefanovic, Senior Director, Application Portfolio Management and Digital Development, RBC; Caren Morrison, VP, Distributed Hosting Operations & I&TS Infrastructure, RBC; Tammi Reaburn, Senior Director & Engagement Lead in Tech Infrastructure, RBC; and Melissa Carvalho, VP, Identity and Access Management – Global Cyber Security, RBC

Internal – How to sell your idea to yourself before anyone else
with Natalie Jameson, CEO, HeroWorx Institute

What I learnt in my career
with Musidora Jorgensen, Area Vice President, Head of UK Energy & Utilities, Salesforce

Legal Tech
with Catherine Bamford, CEO & Founder, BamLegal

Increasing Workplace Diversity in Five Simple Steps
with Helen McGuire, CEO and Co-Founder, & Hayley Bakker, CPO and Co-Founder,

In the lounge with Fey Ijaware, Senior Front-End Developer, Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) Digital

Panel: Blockchain and The Supply Chain – Do all roads lead to blockchain?

Facilitated by Bridget Greenwood, Founder, The Bigger Pie, with Sonal Shah, Vice President in Projects within Banking; Linda Goetze, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, DFM Data Corp; Ash Costello, Data Protection and Privacy Specialist; Helen Disney, Founder, Unblocked; and Genevieve Leveille, Principal Founder & CEO, AgriLedger

Metrics to provide transperency and product
with Mary Beth LoVerdi, Senior Vice President, Experience Insights, Northern Trust

In the Lounge with David Savage, Group Technology Evangelist, Harvey Nash Group & Founder, Tech Talks

Investigating the Agile Inclusion Paradox: Lessons for diversity in tech
with Jo Stansfield, Founder and Director of Inclusioneering

API’s are not just for engineers! They can help drive transformation
with Jacqui Leggetter, Head of Integration, Department of Work and Pensions

Agile opens up the career pathway between business and technology
with Ailbhe Ní Mhurchú, Vice President, Global Fund Services, Northern Trust

Make a loan, change a life: LendwithCare
with Carolyn Clarke, Chair, Care International UK

In the Lounge with Portia Bowman, UK Innovation Manager at D-Orbit

How to Enhance your Journey into Tech
with Linda Ghusayni, Director & Co-Founder, Transition Peak & Charlotte Billington, Director & Co-Founder, Transition Peak

Maintain D&I momentum as we face disruption and distraction
with Toby Mildon, Diversity & Inclusion Architect, Mildon

What has been happening in AI Ethics?
with Oriana Medlicott, Researcher, Writer and Consultant in AI Ethics

Panel: My Journey Into Tech

Facilitated by Professor Sue Black OBE, Professor of Computer Science & Technology Evangelist, with Winona Sharpe, Junior Release Associate, Double Eleven Ltd; Nina Ma, Technology, Data & Analytics Senior Associate, PwC; Rituja Rao, Award-Winning IT Consultant, Industry Speaker & Emerging Thought Leader; and Muma Sinkala, Award-Winning Creative Alchemist

Not all robots move
with Paul McMurray, Custom Application Engineer, Accenture

I Choose to Challenge: Blockchain Communities & Female Leadership
with Lavinia Osbourne, Host & Founder of Women in Blockchain Talks

Excel in technology and leadership
with Amanda Obidike, Founding Curator of the WEF Global Shapers, Ozubulu Hub; & Executive Director, STEMi Makers Africa

In the Lounge with Tamara Lohan MBE, CEO, Founder of Mr and Mrs Smith

My Journey as a Female Founder
with Jade Parkinson-Hill, Leading STEAM education, entrepreneurship and edtech expert and Founder of STEAM School

What is it like to work in transformation and change?
with Samantha Tulloch, Project and Business Transformation Consultant & Author

How to tech people tech
with Charlene Hunter, Founder & CEO, Coding Black Females; & Lead Software Engineer, Made Tech

In the Lounge with Lisa Mae Brunson, Creative Visionary, Speaker, Author & Social Innovation Alchemist

From Woman in Tech to Engineer in HR
with Jo Stansfield, Founder and Director of Inclusioneering

In the Lounge with Belinda Parmar OBE, Empathy & Transformation Expert, Author & Corporate Activist

How Megatrends are shaping our technological future
with Camila Cruz Durlacher, Director of Corporate Research Laboratories, EMEA, 3M

In the Lounge with Kerstin Unverhau, Team Lead R&D and Senior Specialist Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, 3M



Aside from networking opportunities on the conference platform, we’re inviting the first 1,000 delegates who register and buy a ticket to join us every morning from 7am – 8am (BST) evening from 7pm – 8:30pm (BST) in our unique, virtual networking world. This bespoke space will enable you to create connections in our virtual Alpine bar, library, rooftop lounge, cyber world lounge, AI world lounge and our jobseekers’ lounges. Before you network, you can even join us in our meditation lounge to decompress the day before going out and making those all-important connections for the future.

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