Vittoria Millan

Vittoria Millan is a Startup Growth and Marketing Manager based in London.

Originally from Sicily, Vittoria has rapidly built her reputation in London as a problem solver for high-growth startups and scaleups in the realms of marketing, branding, communication and digital media.

With a focus on marketing and communications, Vittoria integrates the latest thinking in diversity and inclusion strategies to enable scaleups to have the best conditions for growth. In 2019, while working for RegTech startup Forte Markets, Vittoria launched Women In Tech Global, an events series and community highlighting leading women in the tech sector and male champions in the industry.

In spare moments, Vittoria provides Marketing and Communications support for companies which are shining a light on women and underrepresented groups in technology. She also mentors students that want to become entrepreneurs, helping them get a foothold on the ladder of a technology career.

Holding an MSc in International Business and Marketing, Vittoria co-founded a blockchain-based arts authentication product, Munch Tech, in 2018. Following this she has worked closely with several high-growth startups based in Level39 – Canary Wharf, advising them in strategy and growth. She recently joined Fondy and its marketing team as Marketing Manager.