Vivian Galinari

I’m Viv, I majored in Business in Brazil and left the country shortly after graduating to pursued a career in Europe.

For years I had worked on all sorts of zero hour contract jobs such as in airports, cafes to even handing newspapers out on the streets until I secured an office job in London where I gradually grew from assistant to manager. Two years ago I decided to change my career and committed to teaching myself coding from scratch with the aim to becoming a software engineer. Despite loving technology, I didn’t feel like I fitted into the male coder stereotype and thought that working on business roles within the Tech industry would fulfil my professional needs, but it didn’t. It was only after graduating from a 2 years MSc degree in Innovation Management that I took in the evenings while working in my office job that I realise to innovate I must code myself.

And so my self-teaching coding journey began. I have made changes in my lifestyle that supported 15 hours day of intensive learning that included quitting my job and moving to a remote and more affordable location in SE Asia to focus exclusively on skilling up. I taught myself blockchain and web development from the internet and got offered a position as Junior Developer at the BBC as my first official job as soon as I got back to London. But my study routine haven’t stoped there, to this date, I show up everyday to continue improving myself as a developer and I am grateful to have been promoted in the company so soon and to Midlevel Software Engineer this year.
Out of business hours, I dedicate my time to explore Creative Coding and to learn 3D and Augmented Reality (AR). I have been recognised as one of the top creators for AR experiences and have been invited by Facebook and Google to talk and to their Global Hackathon. Making Instagram filters started as a passion and is now a career path as I start to run workshops and teach others about it.

Supporting link where I share my career journey in an article for Lecture in Progress: