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WeAreTechWomen Jobs Board

WeAreTechWomen are proud to announce the launch of our new Women in Tech job board platform.

With the percentage of women in the tech industry at a measly 17 per cent in the UK and 16 per cent globally, we know there is more to be done to attract women into technology and to encourage more women with transferable skills to consider a career in tech.

For the past few years, many of our corporate partners have been trying to attract female talent into their organisations. They often share the fact that more men apply for their roles than women and how they would like to see a balanced slate of applications. When we have held focus groups over the years with our women in tech community, we are hearing that they don’t know where to go to look for opportunities with firms who will really help them to achieve their full potential. Do we have the answer? We’d like to think so.

Today, WeAreTechWomen are proudly announcing the launch of our new revamped job board for women in tech. It won’t solve world peace, but it may help you find the job of your dreams at an employer that will truly support you and your career. We won’t be working with every company, just those that can demonstrate they are on the journey towards gender equality and that they are putting in place programmes or support systems to progress women in the workplace.

WeAreTechWomen Jobs

We are proud to launch our job board with a number of roles with our long-term partners, BAE Systems, Oliver Wyman, PwC and Northern Trust.

Over the coming weeks we will be on boarding other companies such as Credit Suisse, OpenFin, Sky and few other household names.

If you are looking to change roles and feel you are ready for an exciting new career change, please explore the jobs on the new job board. We are featuring full-time, part-time, flexible, work for home roles, as well as many other opportunities, such as return to work programmes.

If you are an immediate job seeker, you can also upload your CV to the portal, sign up for job alerts and read about some of the companies who are recruiting via our company site pages.

We will be adding additional functionality over the coming weeks and if there is something missing, something you would like to see, or even if you would like your company to promote jobs with us, please do get in touch via [email protected].

The job board forms part of WeAreTheCity and WeAreTechWomen, which is predominantly visited by women, however we do encourage job applications from all genders.


“I am extremely excited to announce the launch of our new WeAreTechWomen job board.”

“The new platform will enable us to connect our WeAreTechWomen members to companies who are serious about building their pipeline of female tech talent.”

“The new platform has improved the overall functionality and look of our previous platform. We now have the ability to feature more content and create dedicated pages for clients in order to promote their roles and tell their stories!”

“I am looking forward to WeAreTechWomen Jobs being the conduit between women in tech seeking a career change and firms who will not just recruit them, but who will actively support their career progression.”


Theresa PalmerBAE Systems Applied Intelligence are proud to partner with WeAreTechWomen and excited to be part of the launch of their new jobs platform so we can further promote our great company and the broad range of opportunities we offer in tech and cyber to their talented audience of leading women.


Looking to advertise your roles?

If you are interested in promoting your open roles on WeAreTechWomen Jobs, we’d love to hear from you. We have lots of different opportunities available to suit all budgets.

To find out more about the new platform, get in touch below.