2021 Top 50 Trailblazers

This year, WeAreTheCity & WeAreTechWomen are proud to publish their first ever Top 50 Trialblazers in Gender Equality.

As we leave behind yet another year of challenge for women in society, we would like to end 2021 by shining a positive light on the tireless efforts of 50 incredible individuals and teams.

Our 2021 trailblazers are responsible for several campaigns that will have a significant impact for gender equality. They have used their voices to raise awareness of key issues that women and men face both in society and in the workplace that will impact our ability to achieve gender equality. They have built communities for the underrepresented and created spaces where women from different backgrounds can thrive. They have used their own personal platforms to champion gender equality and opened their networks so that others can make connections and feel supported. They have spearheaded and driven campaigns that raise awareness around gendered health and well-being issues, pay inequality as well as women’s rights. They have given their time and expertise freely to charities and social enterprises that are driving gender equality, often below the radar and without any desire to be recognised for their efforts.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank every single one of these changemakers, role models and trail blazers for making the world a more gender equal place.