Diverse international and interracial group of standing women, women empowering women

Article by Nikki Dawson, Head of EMEA Marketing at Highspot

There’s definitely been a shift in the way companies take care of their employees. It’s not uncommon nowadays to see companies advertising their attractive initiatives that are there to encourage employees to look after their own well-being.

It’s been proven time and time again that in the long run, this results in a more functional, happy team.

At Highspot we are passionate about giving everyone a seat at the table, bringing your ‘full unique self’ to work and creating an environment whereby people can develop and grow.

Being a woman in the sales tech space

One of the main reasons I joined my current company was due to the fact the Leadership Team I sit on for the EMEA business is predominantly female. This is a rare find in tech, and as my industry is sales and tech, it’s even more of a rare find and important to have that diversity.

I think it’s important for women in tech to push the stereotypes that surround the industry and be an advocate for more women who want to come into the industry. I think we set a good example as my peers – both our Northern European Head of Sales (liz Hajjar) and our EMEA Director of Business Development (Charlotte Herbertz) are women which is quite unique to have both sales and marketing functions led by women.

That advocacy needs to come from not only women, but ensuring all employees understand the importance of a diverse workforce and giving equal opportunities to recruiting and promoting top talent regardless of gender.

DEI&B, what does this mean?

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is something we not only reference a lot at Highspot but live by on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Our Guiding Principles is something we live by day to day that helps drive DEI&B in every interaction. These Guiding Principles offer up trust and openness to allow individuals and teams to be inclusive.

Some of my favourite principles are, ‘Most Respectful Interaction’, assuming colleagues have good intentions from the start, being ‘Open and Real’ when more challenging conversations need to happen, and ‘Learn it All, Not Know it All’ which provides an environment where no one needs to be afraid to ask questions and be curious.

Our ‘Stand for Change’ week is also another key initiative. We have a dedicated week every year focused on various DEI&B topics. We not only hear from external speakers but have several discussion forums on key topics that bring colleagues together from across the globe to share different perspectives.

Another key one for me is our monthly ‘Recharge Fridays’. Everyone across the company has one set Friday off a month. This was started during the pandemic to help with Zoom fatigue.  Our fantastic People team and Leadership saw the huge impact this was having and decided when we moved to hybrid working to keep the day.  As a working parent, I highly value this time to have a dedicated day to myself or to catch up with friends and family.

Final thoughts

DEI&B isn’t just a phrase, it’s something to live by. The shift within the workplace to a more inclusive environment has bettered the workforce and helped create a more meaningful brand, not just for Highspot, but for many others.

Being a woman in tech and sales is no longer a rarity, and we will continue to advocate for others and set an example within the male-dominated sectors.