A report, detailing what the next 100 years holds for gender equality, family life, technology and businesses has been released by Yell Business, predicting the pay gap will close by 2045.

The report is broken up in to two sections; one with a commentary about the progression of gender equality over the past 100 years; the other with predictions with 10 likely advancements over the next 100 years. The predictions have been made based on current trends, and academic research.workplace and gender reports gender equality

Called The Future of Gender Equality, the report has been created by journalist James Wallman. In 2008 Wallman forecast the development of technology that would enable driverless cars to buy by 2020.

Last year businesses were informed that they would be required by law to publish how much they pay men and women in a bid to close the gender pay gap. The World Economic Forum has previously predicted that the gap will close worldwide by 2133, however Wallman has forecasted this will close by 2045.

Wallman has also predicted that in the future more people will define themselves in non-binary gender terms and that there will be more than two genders.

In addition, with the rise of AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) being used for interview processes Wallman believes that future workplaces will be less affected by inbuilt biases and therefore will become more diverse.

Furthermore he predicts a ‘masculism’ movement which will be supported by both men and women. This will ensure that men are able to share their fears of a changing world for men and their place in it, without being seen as less macho.

Nikki Jacobi, HR Director said: “Looking back at the past century and the many advances in technology, our digital landscape and medical treatments – it would be fascinating to be around to see what happens during our next 100 years.

“Our landscape is constantly evolving and changing with current trends marking a clear distinction to more women being involved in business over the next few decades. Gender equality is a key element to business success and something we at Yell fully appreciate and support.”