The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Celebrating Impact campaign

Can you help The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) celebrate everyone in STEM? Nominate those who you think have made a significant difference to the world of engineering and technology.

The IET has launched Celebrating Impact, a campaign to celebrate engineers and technologists from all backgrounds and walks of life who have changed or are making a difference in our world for the greater good.

Celebrating Impact aims to show how truly diverse and incredible the engineering and technology professions are and remove age-old, unrepresentative stereotypes of engineering being a white male dominated industry.

The IET is calling on the public to nominate people who they think have made a significant difference to the world of engineering and technology or who have paved the way for innovators of the future. Nominations are open on the IET website until 13 August 2021.

The IET wants to shine a spotlight and celebrate those who are working quietly behind the scenes of STEM, but who deserve to be recognised for their work.

The nominations will help create the ultimate list of inspirational leaders and difference makers of yesterday, today and tomorrow and the final selection will be included in the IET London: Savoy Place stairwell galleries exhibition.

The nominations will be judged by 11 judges from diverse backgrounds to help maintain an inclusive selection.

Speaking about the campaign, Christopher Knibb, Head of Corporate Communications at the IET, said, “Celebrating Impact will change the face of the engineering and technology industry by showcasing people who have made a difference to the world.”

“We are looking for a diverse range of trailblazers and innovators of the past, pioneers of the present, or visionaries of the future.”

“If they’ve made an impact, we want to hear about them!”

“We are incredibly passionate about celebrating the true diversity of the engineering and technology sector, which can sometimes feel hidden under common stereotypes.”

“It’s vital we make a stand and capture the true breadth of talent our industry has to offer.”

“We’re encouraging anyone and everyone to nominate as many people as they like, from any point in history or present day, and from anywhere in the world.”

“Let’s give all young people role models they can relate to and show them who they can be one day.”

So, who do you think has made a difference to our world and deserves to be celebrated?