capgemini featuredOrganisations must adopt ethics in AI to win the public’s trust and loyalty.

Artificial intelligence may radically change the world we live in, but it is the ethics behind it that will determine what that world will look like. Consumers seem to know or sense this, and increasingly demand ethical behavior from AI systems of organisations they interact with. But are organisations prepared to answer the call?

Every wave of technology development raises its own set of ethical questions, from unintended and harmful consequences for users to concerns about technologies being weaponized. The pace of technological advancement tends to outstrip the pace of regulatory and ethical frameworks – a position that AI finds itself in today. AI has unleashed a range of ethical questions, from concerns over autonomous vehicles to what constitutes end-user consent.

To probe these issues, Capgemini have conducted a comprehensive survey of both business executives and individuals to understand ethics and the transparency of AI-enabled interactions and what organizations are doing to address any concerns. Capgemini surveyed 1,580 executives in 510 organizations and over 4,400 consumers across countries such as the US, UK, China, Germany, and France.