Article by Katharine Wooller, Managing Director, Dacxi

Over the past few years reports from respected commentators such as the FT, the well-known investment blog The Motley Fool, and Forbes have shown that women are better investors than men.

There is one main reason for this – women tend to think more strategically and are, in my experience, more patient when the market moves in a way they didn’t expect.  Whereas men want to trade the market, trying to make a ‘fast buck’, women are far more likely to buy and hold.

We’re talking about men who are amateur or hobby investors. If they buy something that doesn’t quickly go up, they get bored, sell out and buy something different. This could equally translate as ‘all the gear and no idea’ – you’ve may have come across men like this in all walks of life!

In truth this is really quite bizarre as the legendary ‘alpha male’ professional investors like Warren have a philosophy of buying into good ideas then sitting and waiting. It might not drive much adrenalin, but Mrs Buffet is probably very happy they have male partners who buck the trend.

Of course, on a day-by-day basis, cryptocurrency looks to be something of an adrenalin driven sector. But, in my experience, there are two sorts of investors in the cryptosphere. The first are those with a gold rush mentality who are trading and trying to ‘game the market’ looking for short-term returns to turn back into their local fiat currency. The second, however, believe that crypto is the future of finance and that, unlike fiat currency where sovereign governments can print money at will, blue chip coins with a finite quantum will increase in value over the long term.

Of the many reasons I believe crypto is a natural fit with women who want to invest, one of the foremost is that we feel a natural affinity with decentralised finance or DeFi.  In global terms governments, still predominantly male driven, waste fortunes whilst enabling financial institutions to make millions from bank charges on cross-border transactions.  Crypto, for many reasons is fairer, more democratic, and – to be blunt – doesn’t care about your gender.

Decentralised finance, facilitated by cryptocurrencies, will save a fortune on the digital purchases we want to make from the USA, China, or the rest of the world. Whether they come direct, or are manufactured there and sold here, there will be currency costs. DeFi and crypto will dramatically reduce these costs. The fact is that women buy 90% of just about everything, and no one likes to pay over the odds, as anyone who has had the misfortune of being on the end of my haggling skills will attest!

Recent statistics suggest that as few as 15% of those who invest in crypto are women. My business, Dacxi, a dedicated wealth building platform for crypto investors, recently staged its first post-lockdown event in London. I am enormously proud to report that at least half of the investors that attended were women.

We have been running a dedicated ‘Women Who Crypto’ group now for a few years now, to introduce women to the cryptosphere and enable them to invest. We run webinars and events, and, through the Dacxi platform, you can start to invest for as little as £100. If you want to know more about crypto, why not come and join our community? Find out how at

Katharine WoollerAbout the author

Katharine Wooller is managing director, UK and Eire, Dacxi – a digital crypto fintech platform specialising in bringing cryptocurrency to the ‘crowd’.