The robotics industry has taken Małgorzata “Mal” Kameduła from Poland to France to Italy and now London.

She’s helped build four-legged disaster robots to machines that support surgeons in performing operations. She now works for Dexory, one of the UK’s leading robotics and AI companies, which designs and manufactures fully autonomous mobile robots to support the UK warehouse industry.

She’s a passionate believer in the power of robots and believes those of a tech persuasion should consider a career in the industry such are the opportunities on offer. Here she lays down why our next generation should consider a career in robotics.

Opportunity to make an impact

The global robotics market is growing at a rapid pace and is still an emerging field. This makes it ripe for innovation and presents very real opportunities to shape the industry as it expands in different directions. In my first role in in the industry, I was lucky enough to work on a disaster robot called CENTAURO which had four legs and two arms. The goal of the project was to build a robot that could navigate into disaster zones – especially those that were inhospitable such as earthquake zones where humans couldn’t operate. This was a hugely enjoyable project as it involved testing the robot to ensure it was robust enough to move and travel within all manner of disaster areas.

Solve issues in society

The power of robots is they can perform activities that humans cannot or to a more consistent, precise level. As a result, they stand to have huge potential to help society with some of its most pressing issues. In the UK, there’s currently a big shortage of workers in the care sector. Part of the responsibility of care workers is simply helping transport elderly residents in care homes around their living area – often out of bed into a wheelchair. This can require significant physical effort which robots are well placed to help support. In Japan, care robots are in their infancy but they can help with lifting and transporting elderly residents allowing care home workers to focus on the emotional side of care.

In my role prior to joining Dexory, I helped develop very precise surgical robots which aided surgeons in operating theatres. Our goal was to not only help surgeons but also create affordable robots that could be used far and wide across the UK healthcare system which was particularly rewarding.

Great place to start

The robotics industry is still taking shape with Boston Consulting Group estimating the global market will grow in size from $21 billion (2021) to between $160 and $260 billion by 2030.

With the robotics and related automation industry set to expand rapidly, robotics companies like Dexory are always looking for those with engineering backgrounds. Moreover, robotics requires people with skills, experience and interests in a huge number of disciplines meaning a lot of people in the industry are non-specialists. As a result, those starting out in the industry are exposed to numerous disciplines allowing them to try different aspects of engineering. These disciplines range from electronics, software, mechanical engineering, machine learning, production and more. For those not sure what they want to do within the engineering industry, I couldn’t think of a better place to start than the robotics industry.

Turn sci-fi into reality

Channel 4’s Humans and Sky Atlantic’s Westworld are two of the best depictions of robotics I’ve seen in the UK. However, for me, nothing beats Data from Star Trek! With robotics, you can help develop the robots of the future such as humanoids. Nearly forty years ago, the Delorean from Back to the Future was seen as the ultimate creation for car fans – now we’re potentially not too far away from flying cars. I’m not sure personally about a humanoid living with me but they are a hugely exciting area within robotics. If you decide the robotics industry is for you, it’s not an understatement to say you could be helping shape the future of society.

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by Mal Kameduła, Senior Software Engineer at Dexory


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