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At Park Lane Primary School and Nursery, a member of the Griffin Schools Trust, we are combining STEM and traditional education to offer the best lessons and to spark curiosity.

STEM education ensures pupils focus more on science, technology, engineering, and maths.

STEM brings more to the table as it requires a more hands-on approach to real-life applications and engages the pupils in a more interactive way than a standard class. As a result, children develop a genuine interest in the topic.

Given the fact that there is still a gender imbalance in the fields that STEM covers, we believe that starting from a young age will empower more women to follow a career in science and technology. This is the right moment in time to begin nurturing new interests, and our school is determined to do its part in rectifying gender imbalance within the industry.

STEM also brings out various skills the children will need, such as problem-solving, exploration, and critical thinking. Starting early will also create a habit of staying curious, which will help them navigate easier in higher education levels and life.

Through science, our pupils learn the fundamental concept about nature, humanity, and the universe in ways that are accessible, and mathematics develops the analytical thinking process. In addition, it helps us understand and memorise formulas from a young age.

When it comes to technology, STEM provides the best set-up for dealing with complex softwares because children are accustomed to elaborating systems. Also, this teaches them that there is no challenging problem, only more to learn to tackle the issue correctly.

Finally, the pupils develop out-of-the-box thinking through engineering, as this field often requires children to develop new ideas and encourages their technical thinking.

STEM subjects might be a lot to comprehend, but the curriculum caters to the children, ensuring the subject is easy to approach and explored at a child-friendly pace. As a result, our children are immersing themselves into a whole new universe, having fun, and growing up with a positive attitude of seeing challenges as just that, and not giving in at the first hurdle.

Given the fact that there is still a gender imbalance in the fields that STEM covers, we believe that starting from a young age will empower more women to follow a career in science and technology.

Our teachers play a significant role in teaching and guiding the pupils to either new topics or encouraging them to pursue more of one issue that seems to be the right fit. Teachers also ensure that all children experience a scientific experiment using our technology.

We always seek out role models to inspire our young learners, and we are delighted that this year, strong  A’level results in our Griffin secondary schools enabled 38% of students to secure places to study STEM courses, including medicine related degrees.

At Park Lane, we provide access to interactive projects through the Griffin University and Griffin Science Symposium, and extra-curricular clubs such as Lego, coding, model making, computing, and animation. Our children love that they get to choose from various lessons and have control and input into how and what they learn.

We will continue introducing STEM education from a young age, encouraging our pupils to try as many subjects as possible and showing that education can be entertaining. The Trust’s vision of Proud Traditions, Wide Horizons, and High Achievement is also a promise to our children that we will nurture them and offer them the best opportunities that STEM can offer.

About the author

Alexandra-LadburyAlexandra Ladbury is Head of School at Park Lane Primary School and Nursery. With a passion for nurturing children’s learning, and developing a positive and wholesome environment for them to learn in, Alexandra is laying strong foundations for Park Lane pupils’ futures.

Knowing she was destined for education, Alexandra went to Birmingham City University to study for an early years degree, before completing her PGCE at University College Birmingham. After completing her NQT year and spending a year as a teacher, Alexandra joined Park Lane as a class teacher for year one pupils.

At Park Lane, Alexandra quickly rose through the ranks. It is here that she took her Masters in SENDCO, taught Reception and Year three, before becoming Deputy Head in 2018; a significant achievement, after just five years from qualifying as a teacher.

Alexandra’s talent for leadership and driving change within the school was noticed by the Griffin Schools Trust, which Park Lane is a part of, and she was promoted to Head of School in 2020. The school now boasts initiatives such as free private music lessons and dance lessons with The Royal Ballet. Such initiatives provide opportunities for the children that they may otherwise have not been exposed to.

Alexandra absolutely epitomises the values of Park Lane Primary School and Nursery, and, as such, has risen to the top and created a school which truly brings out the best in all the children. Under her leadership, Park Lane is supporting today’s learners to become tomorrow’s leaders.