In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Web3 has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionising various industries and opening up new opportunities for professionals worldwide. As the Head of Web3 Marketing for CUDOS, a decentralised cloud computing network powering Web3 applications, I have witnessed the potential this emerging field holds for women. From my experience, I strongly believe women shouldn’t hesitate to pursue a career in this technology of the future.

Whilst Web 2.0 is about creating content and interacting with websites, Web3 means immersing yourself in the digital experience, control of personal data, cryptocurrency, and decentralised record keeping on the blockchain. Web3 relies on cryptocurrencies and a decentralised finance model. As part of the decentralisation objective, it shifts control from centralised companies or governments to users – essentially creating more access to the web for all.

Breaking Barriers: Debunking the Male-Dominated Image

While the tech industry has existed long enough to not be perceived as a purely male-dominated realm, with various “anti-gender discrimination practices” in place, Web3 is different. Being a niche industry, built mostly by males with a certain bad reputation of being crowded with “crypto bros”, it often discourages women to seek a career in the industry. I personally went down the crypto rabbit hole following my best friend,  who promised me that it was “crazy but never boring, and will change my life” – so it happened. Once you start working in Web3, there is no desire to go back.

Whilst the spaces women have found themselves in within Web3 have proven to be ubiquitous, a disparity across genders still exists. A large reason for that is knowledge in Web3 and how to use it, accompanied by a fear of it being too complicated. Fortunately, Web3 is still in its infancy so female-founded mentoring organisations, like WomanRise, EveryRealm, Meta Angels, World of Women and BFF are majorly contributing in building inclusiveness by making it accessible and less daunting for crypto-curious women.

Women often face financial barriers to economic freedom, therefore, the increased use of digital assets can improve gender inclusion in the financial sector. Enabling greater access to financial opportunities and allowing them to invest in emerging technologies without relying on anyone else. A UK survey revealed 35% of crypto owners are women, while 48% say they will buy cryptocurrency in the future.

Web3 is allowing us to address the challenges faced by women and other groups in society in the digital realm through the use of AI to combat gender bias to lessen the inequalities women face online. Also, with AI, the more data input into these systems, the more representative these systems can be. aired with the decentralised nature of it, women would also have greater autonomy of their identities and data.

Examples of women owning the space:

As I ventured into the world of Web3, I was pleasantly surprised by some great educational resources tailored to both newcomers and seasoned professionals. I highly recommend the book “The Bitcoin Standard” for anyone eager to start their journey in blockchain—the foundational technology behind Web3. It talks about the history of money, how it was developed over the course of history and how bitcoin became an inevitable tool in attempting to take back some control from the government to society.  The industry is interested in wider adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology so it’s a great educational tool.

The industry is constantly evolving, with new projects and technologies emerging. It presents endless possibilities for career progression and innovation. A dynamic environment celebrating diverse perspectives, providing unparalleled opportunity for women to actively shape the future of technology and its applications.

Inspiring women in this space include Randi Zuckerberg and Debbie Soon, co-CEOs and founders of HUG, a platform that supports creators and collectors through its community and growth initiatives. By creating a community and fostering individuality in an inclusive environment, these women have turned the tables on the centralised Web2 model.

Finding Support in the Global Web3 Community

For those entering the Web3 space, finding support is crucial. In my own journey, having my best friend alongside me has been invaluable. A companion who understands the challenges and celebrates the successes creates a strong support system. Additionally, I’ve been fortunate to work in a company like CUDOS, where amazing women make valuable contributions and community-based associations like the CUDOS Foundation – help developers of all backgrounds enter the industry. Furthermore, there are female-centred Web3 communities like the Crypto Girls Club that foster collaboration and solidarity, empowering women in a currently male-dominated industry.

With a background in Economics and Brand Management, I embarked on my marketing career over a decade ago. The turning point came in 2019 when I began consulting for a Web3 project, opening up a world of exciting opportunities. From working with NFT Marketplaces to joining Genius Yield, a Cardano-powered DEX and Accelerator, my experiences have shown me that Web3 marketing is community-centred and promotion-driven, making it a uniquely rewarding space.

As Web3 continues to reshape the tech landscape, it is essential for women not to shy away from this innovative industry. By challenging the male-dominated image, embracing the diverse opportunities, and leveraging the educational resources available, women can thrive in Web3. With the support of an empowering global community, Web3 presents an unprecedented time for women to excel and leave their mark in this transformative tech revolution.

If anyone in the industry wants advice or someone to talk to, you can reach me on LinkedIn.

About the author

As the Head of Web3 Marketing for CUDOS, Emma Mkrtchian is an established expert in Web3 and innovative technology. She has a proven record in shaping effective marketing strategies for notable Web3 startups, including Genius Yield and CNFT.IO. Educated to Masters degree level, her background in Economics and Brand Management drives her expertise in growth marketing, strategy, and content creation. She is leading the way for CUDOS’ growth plans, providing valuable insights into community-focused and promotion-driven marketing approaches.