Winter Mraz

I’m the perpetually-bubbly engineer of Eagle Labs. Im a 3D Asset Artist/Illustrator, sometimes teacher, and Maker.

I have a quite varied background and work history, which allows me to work on new projects and rapid prototypes from multiple different angles. I have over 10 years experience in business and project management, over 8 years experience in illustration and graphic design. Academically I have two degrees; a BSc (First Degree Honours) in Games Modelling, Animation and Effects, as well as having a previous BA (First Degree Honours) in International Marketing, Business Management and Media Communications, with additional minors in Business Law and Child Psychology. I am hoping to continue on to my PhD early next year in Engineering, where my topic will focus on women in Technology and Digital Entertainment, our roles, and influences, and how we can change the culture of these industries for the better.

I have a long history in both charities and teaching, and am always looking for new projects that will help me get children and girls in to STEM. My favourite projects involve creativity and growth, such as teaching kids how to build robots, tutoring at the special needs schools in my area, or watching someone’s idea come to life as a physical in front of them. I’ve worked for multiple tech industries, from being a Tier 2 supervisor at Apple with multiple technician teams under me back when the first iPod was released, down to designing floating Bluetooth perfume bottles for Kim kardashians’ team. I spend my free time helping kids work through creative problem solving through 3D printing and modelling for tabletop improv games, and I’ve more recently been involved in the world record for the Worlds Largest 3D Print with Liverpool MakeFest. There’s something special about the look on someone’s face when their idea becomes reality, and I hope to continue working as an engineer specialising in teaching and creation for long years into the future to help keep making peoples creative dreams and projects come true.