Women in Leeds Digital Women in Leeds Digital (WiLD) is a community led initiative, focussed on both creating and highlighting activity that encourages women & diversity groups to consider digital roles.

Currently women make up only 17% of the digital workforce, and with technology advancing at such a fast rate, this is an issue that needs addressing sooner rather than later.

WiLD aims to educate soon to be graduates, recent graduates and those in early stage careers on the wide spectrum of opportunities within the sector. We do this through a range of activities, not least of all; highlighting the incredible people already working in digital across the region.

WiLD offers a range of training, consultancy and event led services. But more importantly than that, we highlight & celebrate the wide range of female led activity across the region. If you’re looking to learn more about a career in digital, and let’s face it in today’s world who isn’t, you’ve come to the right place. 

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