• TLA-Logo-staplineRaise awareness of the impact of diversity on high performance
  • Create and execute on measurable actions to encourage diversity whilst also demonstrating a business value
  • Unite the broader gender agenda alongside the many existing groups as one voice to the London community and beyond
About Tech London Advocates (TLA)

Tech London Advocates (TLA) is an advocacy group that aims to support technology start-ups in finding new investment, new talent and achieving high growth.

The private sector led network seeks to encourage the investment of both capital and talent in tech start-ups from FTSE businesses and major international companies, building partnerships between the start-up community in London, and investors and influencers worldwide.

TLA believes that there is significant and growing interest from large corporates based in the UK to get further involved in London’s burgeoning tech start-up sector. The group will play a key role in promoting London’s emerging technology and digital sector as a defining high-growth area for the city and broader UK economy.

TLA will strive to accelerate the necessary business conditions to advance start-up growth, support later stage businesses and enable technology innovation to rapidly reach its marketplace. This in turn will enhance investment conditions for larger businesses, enabling them to benefit from from the culture of innovation embodied by London’s tech entrepreneurs.

For more information or to visit: http://techlondonadvocates.org.uk/working-groups-3/working-groups-women-in-london-tech/