Women Who Code is a global community of over 100,000 women tech professionals, with local Networks in 60 cities and 20 countries. We host over 1,500 free technical and educational events each year, and have a Leadership program where we are working with 500 members to help them gain valuable experience and opportunities to accelerate their career. We also give away more than $1M in scholarships and tech event conference tickets annually. Through these efforts we are working to support women in their tech careers, while giving them the tools to accelerate to leadership positions.

Women Who Code partners extensively with top companies like Capital one, eBay, Google, and Snap Chat to help them improve their hiring and retention process, and institute more inclusive policies that create a better environment for female technologists to grow and succeed. We’ve also developed an employment program that ensures a more fair, open, and inclusive process for women looking for opportunities in the industry.

Through our content publishing platforms and CODE Review Newsletter we work to highlight stories about incredible women in technology, who are doing things to change the world right now. Thsi acts not only as inspiration, but is also a conscious effort to shift the perception of the tech industry to include a broader idea of who can be an engineer. By transforming the way people think about tech, we can make it inherently more inclusive.

80% of all Women Who Code members report that being a part of our organization has helped their career. Our members have access to programs, services, community, and support, and our leaders gain opportunities to improve their professional profiles through speaking engagements and industry events.