wonder women techWonder Women Tech is a global ecosystem dedicated to creating a new paradigm in a world that is filled with closed doors, discrimination, systemic racism, exclusion, and lack of access, opportunity, and real Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) initiatives that truly impact women, BIPOC, and underserved communities.

We’re a team of passionate activists and changemakers who believe that reconnecting with our Humanity, bringing more mindfulness and consciousness into DEI practices, and work and community environments, are what is needed now more than ever. We build revolutionary partnerships that eliminate performative allyship, and instead create meaningful relationships that are mutually aligned to build powerful solutions and sustainable impact.

We work directly with Fortune 500 companies, government entities, non-profits, community centres, organizations, schools, and entrepreneurs to create a global community, credible resources and tools, expert masterclasses, major global conferences and other events and initiatives that all aim to educate and equip organizations and individuals with knowledge and tools to create truly inclusive and equitable spaces.
We have redesigned the way we build partnerships and create impact!

The numbers don’t lie. We’re still seeing marginal gains when it comes to building diverse workspaces and cultures of inclusion and belonging. In other words: We are done with “pushing a needle forward.” Incremental change doesn’t work–we need a paradigm shift.

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