WoSEC, Women Of Security, is about women supporting women (or those who identify as women).

We believe that confident and strong women build each other up; we believe in shining a light on one another’s accomplishments.
WoSEC chapters meet in person in cities around the globe to network, vent frustrations, find peers, and make new friends. Our activities range from talks and workshops, brunch, and other social gatherings. Occasionally we “crash” events, by attending in a group so that none of us are ever “the only woman there”. In short, we support each other.

WoSEC doesn’t have membership fees; all women are welcome. Even if someone is not involved with WoSEC, we are happy to promote their accomplishments on our social media channels and cheer them on; we support all women of security.

WoSEC has resulted in women starting businesses together, mentoring relationships, job interviews, internships, people being able to recruit from our community, cheering squads showing up to surprise female speakers, standing up for each other, priceless advice and countless friendships.

We want women to join the information security community/industry and we want them to stay.

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