WoSECWoSEC (Women of Security) was started by a lady from Ottawa (Canada) known as Tanya Janca (@shehackspurple) because she saw the wonderful friendships that Cyber Ladies in Israel have, and she thought “I want that too, that’s a fantastic idea”.

Activities differs in every chapter but the global goal is to create a safe and friendly environment for women in the cybersecurity community, with the goal of achieving greater diversity, representation, and equality in this vibrant field.

Our vision: Make an Information Security community that empowers women and values their contributions.

Our Mission: Create a welcoming and inclusive environment that promotes, supports, and develops women in security by facilitating networking, education, and mentorship opportunities.

Today, WoSEC is a community for women to make new friends in Security, so that women not only join our industry, but STAY.

We shine the spotlight on great things that women are doing in InfoSec with our twitter account, with which we strive to create a constant stream of positivity.

  • We “brunch and bitch” (like a stitch and bitch, but with food), so that we can make friends, network, and create mentoring relationships.
  • We hold safe spaces for learning, with women-only workshops or talks. Some chapters provide free tickets to technical workshops for some of our members.
  • We “Crash boy events”; by attending in a group, none of us is ever “the only woman there”.
  • We are trying to create a community for all women who work in (or want to work in) InfoSec, in hopes that they will have more opportunities, more support, and more fun.
  • We don’t have membership fees, all women are welcome, and even if someone is not involved with WoSEC we are happy to share their accomplishment and cheer them on.

WoSEC has resulted in: women starting businesses together, mentoring relationships, job interviews, internships, people being able to recruit from our community, a cheering squad showing up to surprise female speakers, standing up for each other, priceless advice, and friendship.

We can advocate for each other, and we do. We share our power, with each other, so that there is space for more of us.