Yasemin Sunbul

A short bio of my 6 and 1/2 year career so far…

I started my career at 16, straight from High School. I joined Openreach as an Apprentice Planner and knew that I wanted to pursue my career as a Leader in Openreach; as cheesy as it sounds, my goal was and still is to become the CEO of Openreach one day.

I completed my apprenticeship early to enable me to pursue other opportunities and projects. Throughout all of this I started to build a strong network and have always had great mentors. From there I moved into an Analytical role but knew that I had a passion for the operations side of the business. I got my first management promotion at 19 where I managed a team in London (a long long way from home). Even though the role was hours away from home, I was really excited about the challenge and all of the skills/experience I would receive from it.

8 months later, I then moved into an Ethernet service assurance role which covered the North and Midlands Area at the time. Within this role, I really spent time learning the ins and outs of Ethernet so that I could excel on the service levels set by Ofcom.

About a year later, Openreach started a re-org which created lots of opportunities. I decided I wanted to continue with a similar role dedicated around service assurance so last year I became Service Assurance Manager for Lancs & Cumbria and drove the team to hit green across our service levels for 2019/2020.

More recently, in March, I was asked to step up and cover a bigger role – Area Manager for Lancs & Cumbria. I was made up and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. I am now leading a team of 225 people including managers, engineers, surveyors, service professionals, co-ords and leads across multiple products (Ethernet, Newsites, In Life Capacity). I am also studying a Business Management Degree and have just become a mentor for somebody which really feels great to give back.