Yasmin Curren

Driven by creativity and inspired by technology, I have always been driven by a need to tell stories.

Throughout the years I’ve been drawn towards using technology to express this creativity because of its unique use of interactivity that creates a sense of immersion like no other storytelling platform. This curiosity led me to exploring multiple career paths including web development in an ad agency, videography for social media and ultimately game development, leading me to my current job role as an Associate Game Designer within Creative Asembly. These might seem wildly different but each venture led me to a new understanding of the different uses of technology, understanding of the entertainment medium and human psychology as a whole. During this time I have always tried to remain open by sharing my experiences, failures and successes online through YouTube to a community of over 20k. This social media platform is great for not only a creative outlet but also as a place where I can share what I have learnt and help others to realise that their aspirations are also achievable.