Yessenia Yesika Aguilera Robles

Yesika Aguilera is a Tech entrepreneur and education advocate.

Co-founded Tespack at the age 24 – A Smart Technology Company that concentrates in mobile energy solutions, currently used by UN and various governmental entities. Her company has won more than 30+ International Awards. New projects involve; Releasing patented Ultra fast charging Technology (re-charge a battery in less than 12 mins!), First Solar Smart Helmet for action cameras and a Smart Solar Backpack that can turn any space into a smart classroom to bring education to rural areas.

Recognised by Forbes 30 Under 30 (twice), as a disruptor in her industry “tech & Energy” and Top 200 Leaders of Tomorrow Globally at St Gallen Symposium to debate topics with Prime Ministers, Top Entrepreneurs and Higher Education (HE) leaders to achieve a global growth with entrepreneurship and HE. Currently she Mentors at the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme to support the leading Social Entrepreneurs and NGO’s all across the 53 commonwealth countries, programme lead by her majesty the Queen of England.