Starting off as teacher of science 14 years ago, I was given an opportunity to persue a whole school role in digital technology.

We had adopted Google for Education but had no real direction or training. I took on the role for training our staff and students on the use of the digital tools. Quickly i began to work through the certifications available from Google to improve my expertise. I am now one of 36 from around the World in my cohort to be a Google Innovator, one of 24 original Google coaches in the UK and Qualified Google Trainer. My innovator project won the SSAT award for innovation. After building solutions to improve the worklife balance of teachers, i was then appointed to become the digital lead across the MAT. Taking 4 schools under my wing, I have been a key role in the infrastructure upgrades as well as training the teachers on the how to use technology in the classroom in an effective and efficient way. This has now led me onto my current part time role with AppsEvents ( Google PD partners) as their UK and Ireland Training Lead. I am also still an EdTech Lead for my Trust, this allows me to keep close to an educational setting whilst I prepare and deliver training to those schools who are now adopting Google for Education.