My journey hasn’t been conventional, or easy. I under-performed in A-Levels because of struggling with depression, and didn’t leave myself with many career options other than a call center job. I got pregnant at 19 with my daughter, and after returning to work when maternity leave was finished, I decided I was worth more than minimum wage. I had to do more with my life so my daughter could look up to me as a role model.

I started studying a foundation degree in software engineering (it was the only thing my qualifications could get me into!) in September 2017, and have been active in the tech community since then.

Previous to that my only experience with computers was online gaming, and in the past few years even that had fallen by the wayside.

Despite not really having started a career I’ve managed to become a Coder Dojo Mentor, Outreach manager at Farset Labs, Co-organiser of Code Co-Op, Co-organiser of DjangoGirls Belfast, Organiser of Belfast Tech Families.