Zoe Henley

I am a medicinal chemist at GSK with a passion for employing modern technology in the discovery of new medicines.

In this field, technology is forever evolving and I love to seek to apply the latest advancements in my research.

My interest in technology grew throughout my schooling and I went on to gain a first-class MSci Chemistry Degree from the University of Bristol in 2006. I subsequently joined GSK and further developed my scientific skills to achieve my PhD in 2014, through a collaborative programme between GSK and the University of Strathclyde.

I continually seek opportunities to develop my technology skills. During my career, I have utilised my synthetic and medicinal chemistry skills to enable the identification of potential drug candidates, taken a secondment to process chemistry where I applied novel technology to deliver large scale drug product, and developed my IT skills to become lead user for software which assist our scientists in drug compound design and data analysis.

I have a keen interest in inhaled drug discovery and have led a technical network for inhaled projects within GSK, enabling teams to employ the latest technological advances in inhaled drug design.

I am passionate about my own and others career development and have mentored graduate chemists, supervised industrial placement students and now lead a team of chemists. I believe training the next generation of scientists in state-of-the art technology skills is key to delivering future medicines for patients.